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10 insane education stories from last week

The Daily Wire just provided a breakdown of the top ten insane stories involving America educators this past week. Remember, these are only the ones that were caught.

Here are four of my favourites:

10. Texas Christian University ‘Microaggression Workshop’ Encourages Students To Target Coworkers With Politically Incorrect Views – The Daily Wire

3. California’s Proposed ‘Ethnic Studies’ Accuses Christianity Of ‘Theocide’ – City Journal

2. New York Lawmaker Pushes Sex Ed Overhaul: Teaching ‘Gender Identity’ To 5-Year-Olds, ‘Anal Sex’ To 11-Year-Olds – New York Post

1. NYC School Pushes Students To Stop Saying ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad,’ ‘Parents,’ Referring To People By Gender – The Daily Wire

For the remaining six and explanations — READ: Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 6)

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  1. dolphinwrite says

    While I received a “basic” education while America was still tops in the world, when I went to the university, I started separating fact from fiction, rhetoric and propaganda from real, doing my own thinking and research to “add” to their curriculum. Look. It may seem difficult, but it’s necessary. Children don’t need outside entities, especially when they’re almost all compromised, to learn. I discovered this. Through hobbies, interests, reading, researching (Often researching topic my professors lectured, often finding them less than real.), work, and discussions, over time, pieces slowly came together, which I’m still learning. Our education does not come from others, entirely. But with an honest heart, a real curiosity and interest to understand, parents and their children can begin the process which will take a lifetime as it’s taking me. But, with time, you will sift out the junk, the propaganda, and differentiate between the real and unreal. True education does not slap on information, but uses information to wake people up to real understanding. As a teacher, I taught a lot, but I often asked my students why they agree or disagree with any statements regarding history or science, for I explained, only if they know is it real education. If they agree with me, or disagree, but don’t know why, they’ve learned nothing.


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