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The union demanded teachers be vaccinated first, then …

The Oregon teachers union demanded that the state vaccinate teachers before they would return to work. Democrat Gov. Kate Brown agreed believing that the kids needed to get back to school.

So, the Governor pushed teachers to the front of line ahead of the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus. The teachers got vaccinated, but now, with the support of the union, they are still refusing to turn to work.

The Blaze explains:

Teachers in Oregon demanded to be vaccinated before retuning to the classroom, so their governor obliged by putting them at the front of the line — even ahead of the state’s vulnerable senior population. Now, vaccinated educators, with the backing of their unions, are refusing to go back to work.[…]

Recognizing the importance of schools reopening, she pushed teachers and school staff to the front of her state’s COVID-19 vaccination line — even ahead of senior Oregonians — the Willamette Week reported.

The move came because the teachers unions in the Beaver State demanded that teachers and staff be vaccinated before returning to the classroom.

On Jan. 25, teachers and school staff began receiving their shots, while Oregonians ages 80 years and older were forced to wait until Feb. 7, the Willamette Week said.

READ: Oregon teachers unions insisted teachers get vaccinations before schools reopen, so the governor put them at the front of the line. Now, they’re refusing to go back to work.

But with teachers still refusing to return to work, Brown needs to make sure they do. As The Oregonian noted:

While we disagree with the decision to postpone vaccines for older Oregonians, whose vulnerability merits prioritization, the die has been cast. We also believe schools can reopen safely even without vaccines, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reaffirmed last week, but recognize the political necessity of vaccinations to get schools open. […]

But Brown has taken a hands-off approach to the brewing conflicts between school districts and their teachers unions, who are balking at returning to the classroom even with vaccines.

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And school closures are not safe for students, with some school divisions in Nevada reopening because of a dramatic rise in suicides among students. READ: Report: ‘Surge Of Student Suicides’ Forced Las Vegas School District To Return To In-Person Learning

But of course, the teacher’s union don’t agree. READ: Commentary: Here’s what teachers’ unions’ refusal to permit a return to classroom learning says about how important they think teachers really are AND Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside

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Meanwhile, other essential workers such as nurses, food workers and emergency workers such as police and fire personnel are at work.

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