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Teachers union promotes play on transgender Jesus

Christians in Scotland are expressing their frustration after a teacher’s union, Education Institute of Scotland (EIS), decided to promote a play depicting Jesus Christ as a transgender woman at a June 17th conference.

Teachers told not to post spring break photos

As teachers and their unions continue to oppose the return to in-person classrooms in California, there was a warning on the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) Facebook page for teachers not to post any photos of their holidaying on social media during spring break. Apparently, it sends the wrong message about the teachers’ position that returning to in-person schooling is unsafe.

Is a teachers’ union racially profiling those wanting schools to reopen?

The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is opposed to having schools reopened and as part of its campaign, UTLA is allegedly racially profiling those calling for schools to reopen. An email was sent to one person, who had apparently been cited in the media supporting school reopening, to find out the person’s racial identity. The Daily Caller provides the details: California’s largest teachers union has allegedly sent emails to racially profile parents who have spoken favorably to media about the Los Angeles school district reopening. The Feb. 19 email is entitled as a “research project,” and appears to be sent from an official United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) email address. The “research specialist” said that they are compiling data on race and class based on who speaks about Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) issues in the Los Angeles Times.  READ: Teachers Union Allegedly Sends Emails To Racially Profile Los Angeles Parents Speaking To Media In Favor Of School Reopening And, oh yeah, when the president of UTLA stated that the pressure to reopen schools …

The union demanded teachers be vaccinated first, then …

The Oregon teachers union demanded that the state vaccinate teachers before they would return to work. Democrat Gov. Kate Brown agreed believing that the kids needed to get back to school. So, the Governor pushed teachers to the front of line ahead of the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus. The teachers got vaccinated, but now, with the support of the union, they are still refusing to turn to work.