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Teachers union promotes play on transgender Jesus

Christians in Scotland are expressing their frustration after a teacher’s union, Education Institute of Scotland (EIS), decided to promote a play depicting Jesus Christ as a transgender woman at a June 17th conference.

EIS reportedly represents about 80% of Scotland’s teachers will showing excerpts of the play entitled, The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven, that apparently depicts what would happen if Jesus came back today as a transgender woman.

In the play, the transgender Jesus preaches a sermon, shares a few parables, and has communion with members of the audience.

As several have pointed out, this is purposefully insulting the Christian teachers who are forced to join the union.

Of course, it is faddish to pick on Christians these days and everyone is wondering when, in the name of diversity, the teacher’s union will be promoting a similar play on Mohammad, so it can insult its Muslim teachers?

READ: ‘Deeply Distressing’: Scottish Teachers Union Promotes Play Portraying Jesus as Transgender

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