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California lifeguards who earn more than the Gov Newsom

If you want to understand why taxes are so high in California and why people are fleeing the state, a story on FEE provides a possible answer. With the average salary for lifeguards across the US sitting at $30,000 a year, many lifeguards in LA County makes more than that in overtime in a single year.

In fact, several lifeguards earn more than the California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom who earns $210,000 annual salary and as Fee noted is the highest paid governor in the US.

For the record, California’s top lifeguard salary in 2019 was $391,000.

FEE reports on a study published by Forbes:

“Our auditors at found that lifeguards make a fortune in Los Angeles County,” wrote Adam Andrzejewski, a senior contributor and founder of OpenTheBooks. “Seven lifeguards made more than $300,000 and 82 lifeguards had total earnings that exceed $200,000 in 2019, the latest year available.”

Leading the way was Fernando Boiteux, who earned $391,971 in combined salary, benefits, and perks as the “acting chief lifeguard” in 2019. He was followed by Captain Daniel Douglas, who raked in $368,668 in total compensation—including $140,706 in base pay and $131,493 in overtime pay.

And if this wasn’t enough, California lifeguards can retire at age 55 and earn 79% of their salary, at taxpayers’ expense, of course.

As Fee notes, you can’t blame the lifeguards for this. The fault lies directly with California bureaucrats negotiating the deals with the lifeguard’s union.

It is always more fun to spend someone else’s money.

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