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Edinburgh, Scotland Credit: Ethan Trewhitt/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is the Scottish police’s anti-hate poster actually a bigoted, hate poster?

Barnabas Fund is an organization dedicated to helping Christians being persecuted for their faith around the world. The organization has offices set up in over 50 countries that are typically run by nationals. Though headquartered in England, Barnabas Fund recently made an accusation against the Scottish police for promoting hatred of Christians. This was the first time, Barnabas Fund had ever made such a charge in England where the organization was founded. The charge was the result of a poster campaign the Scottish police ran in October in c0njunction with an organization called One Scotland. The posters had the logo of the Scottish police displayed along the bottom. One of the posters started off with “Dear Bigot” and reads: “Division seems to be what you believe in. We don’t want your religious hate on our buses, on our streets and in our communities. We don’t want you spreading your intolerance. Or making people’s lives a misery because of their religious dress. You may not have faith in respect and love, but we do. That’s why …

Scottish activists pressure government to force sex ed on Christian schools

In its news release, the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) said it strongly opposed the government’s decision to allow Christian parents and faith schools to exempt themselves from the Scotland’s new sex ed program. Called Relationships, Sexual Health and Parent Hood Education, the program is still in its draft form and a provision —  the “conscience clause” — allows parents to exempt their children and schools from participating due to faith. The SSS is demanding the removal of the “conscience clause.” The organization believes the government should compel all parents and students to take part in the program, whether they want to or not. 

Church of Scotland may stop performing weddings due to ‘gay’ marriage

Because of legislation passing through the Scottish parliament, Scottish churches are suggesting they may be forced to stop performing weddings. The new legislation — Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill — would see marriage redefined to include ‘same-sex’ marriage. The Scottish parliament insists churches will not be required to marry ‘same-sex’ couples under the legislation. Similar to a bill passed in England, under the proposed Scottish law churches would be required to officially ‘opt in’ if they want perform ‘gay’ marriages. Those that do not ‘opt in’ will not be legally required to conduct them.