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Scotland: ‘Rules for thee, but not for me’

According to a report in the Scottish Sun, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon was caught breaking some of the lockdown rules that she imposed on her citizens. This involves another one of those ‘rules for thee, but not for me’politicians that we are seeing so often lately.

For the record, Sturgeon has been a major advocate of facemasks, and has repeatedly lectured her subjects on wearing masks in public. So, you probably know where this is going.

The Blaze explains:

A “concerned member of the public” photographed Sturgeon chatting maskless at a pub in Edinburgh on Friday and shared the picture with the newspaper.

According to current Scottish laws, the Sun said, customers in “hospitality settings” — which would include pubs — are required to wear a mask unless seated at a table.

The photo published by the Sun showed a maskless Sturgeon standing and talking with three elderly women at the “hospitality setting” following a funeral wake that had taken place in another part of the facility. […]

Violations of the law are punishable by an $80 fine, and penalties double for repeat offenders, up to $1,300, the paper said, adding that violators “can also be prosecuted for breaches, with unlimited fines.”

READ: Head of Scotland’s government gets caught breaking her own COVID-19 law: ‘This was a stupid mistake’

People are tiring of how elitist politicians feel they can hypocritically ignore their lockdown rules. However, some are suggesting that it extends far beyond rule breaking. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs, because of the COVID-1984 lockdowns. People are struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, politicians still have well paying jobs and their lifetime pensions. Politicians should at least pretend they care and share the financial pain they are imposing on their citizens.

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