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Poll: Americans trust politicians less and believe they are losing freedoms

According to a poll in March 2022, since the pandemic, Americans are not only becoming less trusting of politicians but also believe their elected officials have eroded Americans’ personal freedoms.

Bible warns leaders: They are not above the law

Over the past several months, stories have emerged of politicians breaking the very COVID rules that they imposed on their citizens. It has happened around the world. It is part of that “rules for thee, but not for me” approach to governing that many leaders fall into. And it happened again earlier this year when a business owner in New York City videoed a Democrat senator walking into his restaurant without wearing a mask. In fact, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand walked right past a sign stating that masks were required on entering. In an Instagram post, the owner provided a video of what happened and added, “I guess Senator Gillibrand thinks that the Governor is wrong or she is special and above the rules.” Though studies have shown that cloth facemasks are basically useless when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID, there was a bigger issue at work here. It is important that when politicians make up these rules, they obey them as well. When Israel wanted a king, God provided several ground rules …

Who is to blame, politicians or nameless, faceless bureaucrats?

It is easy to blame politicians for all the negative things taking place in the world today. However, often they are not the real problem. According to British historian, Niall Ferguson, much of the blame should actually be directed at the nameless, faceless, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats lurking in the background who are pulling the strings on the political decisions.