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Diesel generators needed to keep wind turbines running?

The Scottish government has more egg on its face as it has been revealed that many of its wind turbines scattered across the country have diesel engines attached to them in order to keep them running, Breitbart reports.

The extreme left-wing government, which has gone fully delusional in its push for green energy, has installed diesel generators on 71 of its windmills to keep them warm.

“During December 60 turbines at Arecleoch and 11 at Glenn App were de-energised due to a cabling fault… In order to get these turbines re-energised diesel generators were running for upwards of six hours a day,” the Sunday Mail reported.

It seems that even green energy can’t function without oil and gas. And of course, this has also resulted in skyrocketing energy prices in Scotland.

READ: Green Fail: Dozens of Scottish Wind Turbines Powered by Diesel Generators, Pour Hydraulic Oil Into Countryside

We have previously reported on reports of windmills around the world collapsing. READ: Wind turbines around the world are ‘collapsing at an alarming rate’ AND Village woken as 300-foot wind turbine crashes down on valleys mountainside near Gilfach Goch

And concerns that ocean-based windmills may be killing whales and land-based windmills slaughtering birds, all in the name of climate change. READ: 7th Dead Whale Washes Up Near Planned Green Energy Hotspot – Are Offshore Wind Projects Killing Them?

And of course, when we really need electricity, during the morning and evening, the wind speeds are at their lowest.

During the day, when we don’t need as much electricity, the wind speeds peak, forcing governments to stop the windmills, so the electricity they produce won’t overload the system. Of course, taxpayers are still forced to pay for the electricity, even if it isn’t used.

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