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Priest attacked with a glass bottle while praying in Edinburgh church

Interior of St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland
Credit: andycatlincom/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Premier Christian News reported on the disturbing assault of an Episcopal Priest in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A man walked into St. Mary’s Cathedral, that was empty at the time, and asked the unnamed clergyman, who was sitting in a pew praying, if he was a priest.

When the priest answered in the affirmative, he was immediately attacked by the man, who tried to hit the priest on the head with a bottle.

Fortunately, the priest was able to block the attack and grabbed a chair to fight off the assault, resulting in the man fleeing the cathedral.

The Archdiocese of St Andrew’s described the attack as “violent and unprovoked.”

Unfortunately, this seems to be the flavour of the day, as churches in Canada and now the US are being vandalized and burnt to the ground, often by those driven by an anti-Christian, often left-wing, agenda.

So far this year, at least 56 churches have been vandalized in Canada. READ: UPDATE: A map of the 56 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement

Many of the attackers, including those in America, cite the discovery of unmarked graves at Canadian Indian Residential Schools as the justification for their vandalism.

But that doesn’t explain the vandalism of several Canadian churches not connected with the residential school program, or explain the attacks on several US-based churches.

It’s uncertain, if the attack on the priest in Edinburgh is connected to what is happening in Canada, but if it is, this suggests that some are taking their anti-Christian bigotry to the next level.

READ: Priest attacked with glass bottle at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh

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