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Does a court case in Michigan help us understand the Mark of the Beast?

An interesting court case in Michigan slightly pries open a door for a brief discussion on the Mark of Beast, mentioned in the Book of Revelation, that I will take advantage of in this article. In his vision of the end times, the Apostle John said that people would be required to take the Mark of the Beast and if they didn’t, they would be prevented from buying or selling (Revelation 13:17). Though no actual mark is involved, a court case taking place in Michigan has a similar ring to it. According to Charisma News, Country Mill Farms has been participating in an annual farmers’ market in East Lansing for several years. In 2016, the farm, owned by Steve and Bridget Tennes, a Christian family, were banned from setting up a booth at the market because after checking out the farm’s Facebook page, an East Lansing official discovered the family believed in the Biblical definition of marriage. In 2017, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, the Tennes were able to overturn the ban with the judge …

Top climate scientist predicts global cooling

When it comes to climate, Dr. Willie Soon should know what he is talking about. He currently works for the Solar and Stellar Physics Division at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Breitbart reported on a recent interview Soon had with Alex Newman of the New American, where the climate scientist went against the popular opinion of the day, stating that he believed the earth would soon be entering a time of cooling, because of the inactivity of the sun.

The Ongoing Intersection of the Gospel with Culture

By Dr. Michael L. Brown Three years ago, I conducted a poll on Facebook asking, “Should pastors and Christian leaders just preach the gospel, or should they also comment on relevant social and political issues?” Three years later to the day, I posted the same poll on Twitter. How did the results compare? Obviously, there is nothing scientific about these polls. They simply indicate how my Facebook and Twitter communities feel about the question. As for these two social media communities, although they have much in common, in many ways they disparate in their viewpoints and beliefs. How did the results compare? In 2018 on Facebook, out of roughly 1,900, 84 percent said “Gospel & culture” with only 16 percent saying “Gospel only.” In 2021 on Twitter, out of 889 responses, 79.2 percent said “Gospel and culture too” with only 20.8 percent saying, “Gospel only.” The overall differences were fairly minor, especially given the fact that many Christians are still suffering burnout from the 2020 elections while many others have felt the need to draw back from both politics …

5 times as many UK children died of suicide than COVID

Despite evidence suggesting lockdowns didn’t work, they became the faddish way of dealing with the virus, but a recent study by researchers at several universities in Britain (University of Liverpool, University College London, University of York, and the University of Bristol) concluded that five times more children died of suicide during the lockdowns, than from COVID.

Get Out of Jail Free!

Some of us are put in prison, others make our prisons. It’s no fun being in prison. I spent time working in one of Canada’s penitentiaries and there is a real sense of the walls closing in. Hopelessness and tension are everywhere. Wherever I went, I had an armed guard escorting me. To get to my area, I had to go through a metal detector, put my belongings through an x-ray machine, and go through five security gates. At every point, I had to wait for the go ahead before I could proceed.    Sharp shooters were stationed at four sentry towers to shoot any prisoner who dared to escape into the brutal no man’s land. It is a side of the justice that few of us see or want to see. This is a secure prison. And inside is a man. He is a regretful man who did very bad things. His cell has cement block walls and an open toilet. He is locked in by an electronically controlled steel door with a small …