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Has the lockdown time bomb started to tick?

If an audit of health care usage in Britain is any indication, the true cost of the COVID lock-downs will start showing up over the next few years.

According to an audit performed by the Daily Mail, since March 2020, Britain’s National Health System has reported 330,000 fewer hospital admissions for strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and mental illness.

In addition, there were also 50,000 less diagnosis for dementia.

So did these problems just mysteriously disappear during the pandemic or were health officials and politicians so obsessed by COVID, they ignored other equally important health problems?

One official told the Daily Mail, that in the case of dementia, doctors were specifically told not to refer anyone to the dementia unit during the lockdown.

The consequences of this delayed medical care and diagnosis will only show up over the next few years.

And with several health officials already demanding more lockdowns in the fall, the health care crisis of the undiagnosed will severely worsen.

READ: Victims of the Covid dementia disaster: How 50,000 cases were missed in lockdown as audit reveals 330,000 fewer hospital admissions for cancer, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and mental illness since March 2020

In Canada, more people under the age of 65 died from the lockdowns than the COVID virus

This falls in line with a recent report by Stats Canada, a Canadian government agency, that reported another disturbing element to the lockdowns.

For those under the age of 65, more people died from the consequences of the lockdowns than from COVID virus.

In the under 65 age groups, the Stats Canada noticed that there were 5,532 excess deaths between January 2020 and April 2021, when compared to 2019.

So what caused those excess deaths, people asked?

Immediately you would think COVID, but it only accounted for 1,380 deaths and how many of those died with COVID, rather than from it.

This means at least 4,152 people died from issues related to the lockdowns or fear of COVID drummed up by the politicians, health officials and the mainstream media.

The agency then cited several examples how the number of deaths from drug overdoses, alcohol, unintentional poisonings had significantly increased over the previous year. As well, it noted hat there were several “delayed medical procedures resulting in deaths.

In other words, in this age bracket, nearly three times as many people died from the consequences of the lockdowns, than from the COVID.

The cure was deadlier than the virus.

READ: More young Canadians died from ‘unintentional side effects’ of the pandemic, not COVID AND Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January 2020 to April 2021

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