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Virtual learning damaging student’s mental health, study

According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control continued use of virtual learning instead of returning to in-person classes is damaging children’s mental health.

Study Finds reports:

In a CDC survey of over 1,200 parents with children between five and 12 yeas-old, researchers reveal students only learning virtually during COVID score worse in terms of physical and mental well-being. Virtual learners and their parents had noticeably higher scores on 11 of 17 stress indicators. These measure everything from child mental health, to physical activity levels, to parental emotional distress.

Of the 1,290 respondents between Oct. 8 and Nov. 13, 2020, nearly half (45.7%) said their kids were only learning online. Just under 31 percent were back attending in-person classes and 23.4 percent of students had a mix of the two. Additionally, the vast majority of respondents (92.9%) said their children attend public schools.

The parent survey reveals children who only attend class virtually are more isolated, less active, and in a poorer emotional state than kids who are back in class or using “blended” learning. In fact, 62.9% of these parents say their child experienced decreased physical activity, compared to just 30.3 percent of parents with children back in class.

READ: Virtual learning during COVID-19 is damaging children’s mental health, CDC report says

While schools have been closed over concerns that students would spread COVID, a study out of England showed that reopening schools did not impact COVID rates. READ: Reopening schools in England appears to have had no effect on national Covid R rate as SAGE estimates it has remained stable and between 0.8 and 1

And similar study out of the US, reported the same thing: RELATED: CDC: There’s Little Evidence to Claim COVID Is Spreading in Schools

However, there have been several reports that locking down schools is damaging students’ mental health.

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One of the biggest hindrances to returning to in-person classes have been teachers’ unions. READ Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside AND Commentary: Here’s what teachers’ unions’ refusal to permit a return to classroom learning says about how important they think

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