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Lockdowns causing long-term damage to children?

A study by psychologists, from the University of Bath in England, warns that the COVID lockdowns are causing long-term damage to children. This is caused by loneliness due to school closures and stay-at-home orders.

Their analysis of previous studies on loneliness of people between the ages of 4 to 21, showed that prolonged periods of loneliness results in a 300% increase in chances of depression and anxiety in the “immediate and longer-term.”

In other words, once the lockdown is over, the damage it caused can continue to impact a child for as long as nine years and their research also showed the longer the lockdown the more damage it does.

The psychologists stated:

“From our analysis, it is clear there are strong associations between loneliness and depression in young people, both in the immediate and the longer-term,” says lead author Dr. Maria Loades, a clinical psychologist with the university, in a statement.

The findings show that loneliness, especially the span of time children spend feeling lonely, makes them three times more likely to feel depressed in the future. Overall, the impact on mental health can have a lasting effect for at least nine years.

“There is evidence that it’s the duration of loneliness as opposed to the intensity which seems to have the biggest impact on depression rates in young people,” says Loades. 

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Is it time to end the lockdowns that should never been instituted in the first place?

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