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Canada lockdown: Salting outdoor ice rinks

People in the city of Vaughan located in the Canadian Province of Ontario were outraged when a video was posted online of a city worker salting the ice on an outdoor rink.

The city council has taken a heavy handed approach to its lockdown. In addition to salting outdoor ice rinks, the city has also closed all playgrounds and toboggan runs.

The Toronto Sun explains:

Posted to Twitter Sunday night, the short video clip of the worker salting the rink outside Garnet A. Williams Community Centre in Thornhill has been viewed nearly 50,000 times and garnered hundreds of retweets as people made their views known.“

They are going to cause a revolt of all people,” wrote one Twitter user.“

I can understand health-wise, but mentally — the cure may be worse and more deadly than the disease!”

READ: Video of worker salting Thornhill ice rink sparks outrage

Meanwhile in Calgary, many are questioning the police’s heavy handedness when they decided to enforce Calgary’s COVID-1984 lockdown at an outdoor rink. A snitch was also involved. READ: Video of arrest at Calgary rink results in accusations of police ‘going overboard’

Of course, there are increasing concerns that children and teens are sinking into depression because of the lockdowns, with some are raising concerns about the potential long term impact this could have on children and teens.

The Daily Wire reports on a recent study by MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit located at the University of Cambridge in Britain:

Rates of depression have skyrocketed among children under COVID-19 lockdown, according to a new study from the University of Cambridge.

The study, which tracked 168 children between the ages of 7-1/2 and 11-1/2 before and after the U.K. government imposed the first lockdown, concluded there was “a significant increase in depression symptoms” among the participants.“

During the UK lockdown, children’s depression symptoms have increased substantially, relative to before lockdown,” the study read. “The scale of this effect has direct relevance for the continuation of different elements of lockdown policy, such as complete or partial school closures.”

READDepression Among Children Has Increased ‘Substantially’ Under Lockdown: Study

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