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Children suicides & self-harm skyrocket during lockdown, Italy

A report out of Italy reveals that there has been an alarming spike in suicide attempts not only among teens, but children as well, because of the lockdowns. Along with this, hospitals are also reporting a dramatic increase in incidents of self-harm, where children are purposefully cutting and burning themselves. Doctors are also reporting an increase in mental health disorders among children and are laying the blame for these increases squarely on the lockdowns.

Breitbart explains:

ROME — Italy has seen a marked spike in attempted suicide among children and youth during the coronavirus crisis, tied to a lack of school and sports activities, local media report Tuesday.

Hospitalizations of children for self-cutting and attempted suicide have increased by 30 percent since October, repeating a similar bump last spring during the first wave of the coronavirus, according to Dr. Stefano Vicari, head of the complex operating unit of Childhood and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry of Rome’s Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital.[…]

Dr. Vicari said that the coronavirus pandemic has been the direct cause of the increase in acts of self-harm and suicide, as well as provoking “a growth in mental disorders in adolescents and children, with irritability, anxiety, and disturbed sleep.” […]

“Isolation puts their mental health at serious risk. We’re denying kids an affective element essential to becoming adults,” he said. “I’m starting to wonder what we’ll have to deal with when this whole emergency is over. There will be fallout for a long time.”

READ: Italy Reports ‘Alarming’ Spike in Attempted Suicides Among Youth During Lockdowns

In the bolded text, Dr. Vicari warns that society will be paying the price for the lockdowns long after the pandemic has ended, a fact that medical health specialists have been warning about for months. It is yet another example of how the lockdown cure is worse than the virus.

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