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Survey: Over 80% of public schools say COVID had a negative impact on students

A survey of 846 K-12 schools conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in the second week of May, 2022, found that 80% of public schools reported that COVID and its related lockdowns had a negative impact on students, the Christian Post reports.

According to NCES’s survey:

  • 87% of schools stated that COVID negatively impacted their student’s emotional development.
  • 83% said it impacted student’s behavioral development;
  • 72% reported an increase in student absences in class;
  • 56% reported an increase in student misconduct in class;
  • 49% reported an increase in misconduct outside of class; and
  • 48% reported an increase in disrespect for teachers.

READ: Over 80% of public schools say COVID negatively impacted student behavior, study finds

Many parents are blaming the educational system for these problems, and we are seeing a move to homeschooling and private education. READ: New Christian School Gets 2,500 Applications as Families Flee Public Ed in Droves: ‘Once in 100-Years Moment’

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The problem was the lockdowns

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