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EU’s vaccine failures blamed on AstraZeneca?

The convoluted bureaucracy that runs the EU is now blaming AstraZeneca for the EU abysmal failure in obtaining vaccines. The reality is the EU bureaucrats took three months to get around to ordering its vaccines from its manufacturers. Meanwhile, countries around the world were booking their orders. The simple fact is other countries got their orders in first and EU bureaucrats are forced to wait their turn.

Sex Trafficking’s Evil

The sex trafficking crime is truly an evil and dark sin. Millions of people around the world are lured, threatened, and are forced into drug addiction. Then they are used as a thing, a product, to be sold outright or to be rented for rape and other sexual abuses. This is not pornography. This is not passive watching of sex. This is the rape of others for the purpose of money. The media calls it an industry. This is such an offense to anyone with any sense of right and wrong. It is like calling serial killers, the serial killer industry. It is a crime, not an industry. I read an article that the sex trafficking criminals rake in about $100 billion a year. Of course, no one really knows, since much of this takes place in dark corners and behind closed doors. Of the victims we know about, 97% of them are women — young women and teenage girls. READ: Trafficking in persons in Canada, 2018 These are our daughters, sisters, and in some …

Study shows lockdowns did not work

Another study out of Canada reveals that if the goal of the lockdowns was to flatten the COVID curve, they failed miserably. Most of the lockdowns were just theatrics, as governments driven by the fear generated by mainstream media, needed to appear like they were doing something. In her study, Maria Krylova compared U.S. states with heavy lockdown restrictions with similar states with significantly reduced restrictions: Minnesota vs Wisconsin and California vs Florida.

The ‘We Charity’ and the Trudeau family

There is a scandal brewing in Canada involving the family of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the We Charity that the Trudeau government gave nearly a half billion dollars too. The scandal is so bad that a committee in the House of Commons required the two brothers, Marc and Craig Kielburger, to appear to explain what happened. In a nutshell, while the Trudeau government flooded We Charity with cash, they were paying Trudeau’s family, mother and brother, speaking fees: nearly $500,000,000 versus $400,000. MP Pierre Poilievre asked Marc and Craig Kielburger some pointed questions at the committee meeting: BBC provides additional details: Mr Trudeau is facing the third ethics investigation of his five years in office over the government’s decision to task WE with administering the programme. WE Charity Canada would have received up to $43.5m to manage the programme under that agreement. Just over C$900m ($679m, £519m) was originally earmarked for the programme, designed to connect post-secondary students to volunteer opportunities – for which they would later receive a grant – to make up …