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EU’s vaccine failures blamed on AstraZeneca?

The convoluted bureaucracy that runs the EU is now blaming a vaccine manufacturer, AstraZeneca, for the EU abysmal failure in obtaining vaccines. The reality is the EU bureaucrats took three months to get around to ordering its vaccines from its manufacturers.

Meanwhile, countries around the world were booking their orders. The simple fact is other countries got their orders in first and EU bureaucrats are forced to wait their turn.

Breitbart explains:

BRUSSELS (AP) – A leading European Union official has lashed out at the AstraZeneca vaccine company for its massive shortfall in producing doses for the 27-nation bloc, and threatened that any shots produced by them in the EU could be forced to stay there.

Sandra Galina, the chief of the European Commission´s health division, told legislators on Tuesday that while vaccine producers like Pfizer and Moderna have largely met their commitments “the problem has been AstraZeneca. So it´s one contract which we have a serious problem.”

The European Union has been criticized at home and abroad for its slow rollout of its vaccine drive to the citizens, standing at about a third of jabs given to their citizens compared to nations like the United States and United Kingdom.

READ: European Union Blames AstraZeneca for Its Vaccine Failures

This tweet explains it best:

Of course, we shouldn’t forget this tweet either:

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