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Youth paying the price for the lockdowns, suicide attempts tripled

A disturbing report out of McMaster’s Children’s Hospital, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada reveals the impact that COVID-1984 lockdowns are having on the mental well-being of youth, that includes a tripling of suicide attempts. It is the unseen cost of lockdowns that politicians and health officials are seemingly choosing to ignore.

Record number of youth addicted to Marijuana due to a significant increase in its potency

Newly released stats by Public Health England show that there are 13,500 youth under the age of 18 in that country being treated for Marijuana addiction. This includes 200 under the age of 12. This represents a 50% increase in addiction among this age group over the past seven years. Experts are attributing this rise to the arrival of a new “super-strength” Marijuana which is several times stronger than older varieties.