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YouTube opposes Trudeau’s new internet censorship bill in Canada

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who told the world that he admires Communist China’s dictatorship, is trying to pass a new internet censorship bill called C-11.

If passed, it will give Trudeau the ability to ban websites, articles, and videos that are legally allowed in Canada, but that the federal government doesn’t like.

It will even give the federal government the ability to censor your family videos.

It is so bad that even Twitter and now YouTube have come out publicly opposing the bill.

YouTube officials have warned that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s internet regulation bill goes through, it could give the government unprecedented power over everyday content posted online.

According to YouTube Canada’s head of government affairs Janette Patell, Bill C-11’s wording is so broad that it places home videos within the purview of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Despite claims by the Trudeau government that the law would exclude ordinary videos, several experts have blasted the update to the Broadcasting Act as an affront to freedom of expression.

READ: YouTube warns Bill C-11 lets feds censor everyday content

In its submission, Twitter compared Trudeau’s censorship bill to what is taking place in authoritarian regimes such as North Korea.

Communist China dictator, Xi Jinping, is glowing with pride over his new prodigy:

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