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Colorado State University offers 17 resources if students encounter ‘free speech’

The Rockies Territory chapter of Turning Point USA posted a photo on Instagram of a sign at Colorado State University (CSU) of the 17 resources students can access if they encounter anyone who doesn’t agree with their personal opinions.

Alice Cooper performing at Alexandra Palace in London, England 2011 Credit: Kimon Froussios/Flickr/Creative Commons

Video: Greg Laurie interviews with rocker Alice Cooper

Above is an interview Pastor Greg Laurie had with rocker Alice Cooper. When I was growing up, Alice Cooper was the shock rocker of our age. His conversion to Christ was a shocker. In the interview, Cooper talks about the ministry, Solid Rock, that he and his wife, Sheryl Goddard, have with children The Blaze recently wrote an article on an interview that Alice Cooper had with UK Times, on his remarkable conversion: For a recent interview in the U.K.’s Times, the Detroit, Michigan, native said that God is the figurehead of his life and at the very center of everything he does. “I’m up before the sun; 5 a.m. is my time,” he told the outlet. “Straight out of bed, make a cup of coffee, grab my Bible, then spend the next hour reading and praying. I read a couple of chapters a day — this is my 12th reading. It puts me in a positive frame of mind.”  […] “At first it was fun, hanging out with Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Jimi Hendrix,” …

The spirit of Leviathan

Don Nicely

Has someone ever twisted the truth into a lie about you? Maybe someone saw something that you were doing and misread your intentions. Has a talebearer ever distorted what you said or did? Have you ever been told something which you allowed the enemy to twist your mind until it was no longer the truth when you retold it?

From Time’s “Is God Dead?” in 1966 to the New York Times’ Call to “Give Up God” Today

On April 8, 1966, the pictureless front cover of Time Magazine asked a bold and direct question: “Is God Dead?” This was just two days before Easter Sunday, and in the decades that followed, it became increasingly common for anti-God, anti-Jesus, anti-Bible essays to be featured in various secular publications at this time of year.

Psychiatrist warns parents allowing children to use Marijuana, it’s leading to delusional paranoia and hallucinations

Sir Robin Murray, a professor of Psychiatric Research at Britain’s King College’s Institute of Psychiatry, has issued a warning to Liberal parents who are allowing their children to smoke marijuana, saying it could lead to some serious mental health issues. Some parents actually prefer their kids use Cannabis over drinking alcohol.

Jesus walking on water by Amedee Varin (1818-1863): Wikipedia

Que realmente hundió al Apostol Pedro?

English version:What really sunk Peter? En Mateo 14, leemos el relato del intento fallido del apóstol Pedro para caminar sobre el agua. Después de que Jesús sacó a Pedro  fuera del agua, el Señor dijo: “Hombre de poca fe, ¿ Porqué dudaste ? ” Muchos creen que Pedro falló simplemente porque necesitaba “más” fe. Pero era este el caso? ¿Pedro necesitaba más fe? o era su otra cosa más la que Pedro tenia que trabajar? ¿Qué significa ‘oligopistos’? La fe fue una de las mas importantes enseñanzas de Cristo. Era tan importante, que Jesús usó una palabra inusual – “oligopistos” , palabra traducida comúnmente como “poca fe”  para describir la fe de los discípulos (Mateo 06:30; 08:26; 14:31; 16: 8 y Lucas 12:28) Esta es una palabra inusual, debido a su rareza ninguno de los otros autores del Nuevo Testamento – que no se refiera  a la palabra de Jesús – utiliza ” oligopistos”  en sus escritos y, sorprendentemente, la palabra no se encuentra en ninguna literatura griega de este período. Oligopistos combina dos palabras griegas, oligonucleótidos y pistis. Pistis …