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Can Canada save the world by using electric vehicles?

Canada’s elitist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is completely out of touch with the life of ordinary Canadians. I blame his trust fund.

The Prime Minister has been increasingly pushing Canada to become green, and of course electric cars are his thing. Over the past couple years, there have several announcements of taxpayer subsidized electric car and battery manufacturing plants being built in Canada.

But are electric vehicles really suited for Canada?

In Germany, a car reporter decided she was going to drive her electric Volkswagen from the factory in Wolfsburg to her home in Munich, instead of paying the $700 shipping fee.

The distance was 645 kilometers, a six-hour drive. The temperature was 0 to minus 5 degrees Celsius. That is a balmy ‘winter’ day in Canada.

Writing for Kreiszeitung, Bjarne Kommnick provides the details (with the help of Google Translate):

Brack needed 12 hours and 45 minutes for the return journey from Wolfsburg to Munich, covering a distance of 654 kilometers. The route would normally take around six hours.

But it wasn’t just the duration of the journey that was appalling – the temperature during the journey was anything but funny: the heating stayed off for almost the entire return journey in freezing temperatures: Because the colder it is, the more the operation of the heating systems puts a strain on the electric car battery.

For the trip, Brack covered herself with a hat, scarf, gloves and generally warm clothing, because after the first full charge, the VW e-Up shows a range of just 216 kilometers. And even this information is not guaranteed, which is why Brack opts for the so-called Eco-Plus mode and, of course, for the heating to be switched off. When the windscreen is frosty, heating wires ensure a clear view, so the reporter driving the test can do without the power-guzzling fan heater completely.

READ: VW electric car needs 13 hours for 650 kilometers – without heating

The irony being, if it warned up a bit, these electric vehicles would perform much better.

Trudeau’s green Canada

Even if you believe that CO2 is bringing on the next ice age or the next heat wave, depending on what decade you lived in, Canada only produces 3% of carbon emissions.

Even if every Canadian business was shuttered, every farm forced to stop producing food, every home razed, every mine bulldozed, every factory burned to the ground and every vehicle crushed, it would have absolutely no impact on global temperatures. NONE!

With experts warning of food shortages, Prime Minister Trudeau now wants Western farmers, not those based in Eastern Canada which is his political base, to quit using fertilizer to stop global warming. READ: Feds target cereals as major emitter

Meanwhile …

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READ: Study: China Emits More Pollution in 16 Days Than Close Western Country Does in 1 Year

READ: China’s Emissions Exceeded Those Of All Other Developed Nations Combined: Report

So, why did Communist China get a free ride at the Paris Accord?

Of course, this leads to a much bigger issue. If this is really about cracking down on CO2 emissions to save the world, why did they give China get a free ride at the Paris Accord?

As Germany’s former Environment senator explains in this interview:

FV: No. But the Paris Agreement has structural shortcomings. It has stipulated that China, as a developing country, may still emit 50% more CO2 in coming years. If we halve our emissions in Germany from 0.8 billion to 0.4 billion tonnes, than that is equivalent to China’s annual increase. There, 245 coal-fired power plants will still be connected to the grid, and there are 1600 coal-fired power plants worldwide, most of them with Chinese assistance. India is happy because 56 coal mines have been opened there and now every village is supplied with electricity.

READ: Former environment senator Fritz Vahrenholt: “We are threatened by a dramatic loss of prosperity”

It is all politics.

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