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Psychiatrist warns parents allowing children to use Marijuana, it’s leading to delusional paranoia and hallucinations

Sir Robin Murray, a professor of Psychiatric Research at Britain’s King College’s Institute of Psychiatry, has issued a warning to Liberal parents who are allowing their children to smoke marijuana, saying it could lead to some serious mental health issues. Some parents actually prefer their kids use Cannabis over drinking alcohol.

According to the Daily Mail, Murray says that about 30% of the people he is seeing in his private practice experiencing hallucinations and delusional paranoia is due to Marijuana usage.

He particularly warned of skunk, a highly potent form of marijuana, that it is also leading to “schizophrenia-like psychosis.”

Murray issued this warning due to plans to liberalize Cannabis laws in London, England.

The Daily Mail notes what took place in Portugal after that country legalized marijuana usage in 2010:

According to research in the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, the number of hospital admissions in the country with a primary diagnosis of psychotic disorders and schizophrenia stemming from cannabis use soared by nearly 30-fold, from 20 a year in 2010 to nearly 590 in 2015 – and almost 90 per cent of these patients were men, whose average age was 30.

Studies in Britain are seeing similar results:

Only two years ago, a study found that south London had the highest incidence of psychosis in Europe – and cannabis was said to be the largest contributing factor.

READ: Liberal parents who let their children smoke cannabis are warned that the drug is causing up to a THIRD of psychosis cases in London and strong ‘skunk’ can cause schizophrenia-like symptoms

Perhaps the biggest problem with the legalization of Marijuana is the messaging the activists used to push for it, as they claim it’s a ‘safe drug.’

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