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Study concludes that marijuana users are a third more likely to have heart disease

One of the biggest problems with the legalization of Marijuana is the claims by activists behind this push that it is a ‘safe drug.’ According to a study by researchers from Stanford University, regular users of Cannabis are 34% more likely to experience coronary artery disease than those who don’t use the drug, the Daily Mail reports. The conclusion was based on a study of 175,000 Americans. Lead researcher, Dr Ishan Paranjpe, said: ‘In terms of the public health message, it shows that there are probably certain harms of cannabis use that weren’t recognized before, and people should take that into account.’ Previous studies have found that marijuana not only caused people’s hearts to beat faster but that it also caused a person’s arteries to narrow quickly. READ: Cannabis users are up to a THIRD more likely to develop heart disease, major study warns

Child usage of Marijuana up 250% in 20 years, study reveals

A recent study by researchers from Oregon Health and Science University has found that Marijuana usage has jumped 250% among those between the ages of six to 18 over the past 20 years, the Daily Mail Reports. The researchers came to the conclusion after studying reports of 338,000 cases of drug poisoning over the past two decades reported to poison centers by medical staff or the public. Based on these statistics, the researchers noted that not only was Marijuana the fastest-growing drug of choice by this age group, by 2014 it had superseded alcohol usage among teens. In the first year studied by the researchers, 2000, there were 510 reported Marijuana incidents for that age group. This had increased to 1,761 by the last year of their study, 2020. The most rapid increase (40%) took place between 2017 and 2020 when Marijuana was being spun as a safe drug by activists and politicians pushing for its legalization. READ: Smoke and minors: Child marijuana use has soared 250% in last 20 years — replacing alcohol as …

San Diego ERS report up to 37 marijuana psychosis patients a day

Just because activists claim marijuana is a safe drug, doesn’t mean it is According to the NY Post, San Diego emergency rooms are reporting upwards of 37 people a day coming for help after consuming marijuana. Most of the cases involve incidents of psychosis. The New York Post provides more details: “We’re now counting 37 cannabis-related diagnoses a day,” Dr. Roneet Lev, an addiction medicine doctor at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, said about her emergency department. “It’s been steadily increasing over the years. When I started in the 1990s, there was no such thing. Now I see 1 to 2 cases per shift. The most common symptom is psychosis.”  “We probably see 20 THC-induced psychoses for every amphetamine-induced psychosis,” said Ben Cort, who runs a drug and alcohol treatment center in Colorado. One study showed an increase of 24% in cases of psychoses in emergency departments in Colorado in the five years following marijuana’s legalization in that state in 2012. Since then, legal marijuana has been transformed into a potent and unrecognizable product. READ: San Diego …

Marijuana usage linked to common heart disease

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, marijuana usage can lead to increased instances of coronary artery disease (CAD) caused by the build-up of plaque in a person’s arteries. Researchers said that with the increasing acceptance of Marijuana, their study “emphasizes the potential harmful effects of cannabis use on cardiovascular health and highlights the need for further research as it (cannabis) becomes more accepted at both a national and global level.” According to the National Post: U.S. researchers have found that cannabis use is associated with prevalent coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common cardiovascular disease in the U.S., Canada and some other industrialized countries around the world. Specifically, ever versus never cannabis users had 90 per cent increased odds of CAD, those who had used weed at least once a month for at least a year had 68 per cent increased odds and current users had near 98 per cent increased odds. READ: Cannabis use associated with prevalent heart disease

Psychiatrist warns parents allowing children to use Marijuana, it’s leading to delusional paranoia and hallucinations

Sir Robin Murray, a professor of Psychiatric Research at Britain’s King College’s Institute of Psychiatry, has issued a warning to Liberal parents who are allowing their children to smoke marijuana, saying it could lead to some serious mental health issues. Some parents actually prefer their kids use Cannabis over drinking alcohol.

Study: But they said marijuana was a ‘safe’ drug

Those promoting the legalization of Marijuana do so by promoting it as a ‘safe’ drug. As governments move to legalize Cannabis, they often make it illegal for teens to use. Nevertheless, the message that young people are hearing is that Cannabis is safe. However, a recent study by Ireland’s Royal College of Surgeons has come to a different conclusion. Marijuana can be dangerous for teens.

Former porn star now leading XXXchurch

Christian Post is reporting that Craig Gross who founded XXXchurch 17 years ago is leaving this ministry and turning it over a former porn star Brittni De La Mora and her husband Rich. XXXchurch is a ministry dedicated to helping people break free from their addiction to porn. According a statement by Gross, seven years ago he helped Brittni leave the porn industry where she performed under the name of Jenna Presley. Four years later, Brittni met and married Rich who was pastoring a church at the time. As he was contemplating leaving XXXchurch, Gross felt God impress on him that Brittni and Rich were to replace him. Gross added that this choice does not surprise him because Brittni is picture of God’s redemptive work. In a post on Facebook, Brittni added that Craig and his wife Jeannette played a critical role in helping her break free from the porn industry: “This is crazy! When I was in the adult film industry XXXchurch used to tell me that Jesus loves me. They gave me a …

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More warnings about health risks associated with Marijuana usage

In the rush to appear progressive, governments around the world are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.  The millions of dollars they collect in additional tax revenues is also proving very tempting. But the bigger issue for me is not the legalization of the drug, but rather the messaging behind why they are doing it. Politicians and activists are insisting Marijuana is a safe drug. This is happening in the face of a growing body of medical research warning people that Cannabis is not the safe drug many are proclaiming it to be. There are big concerns. Foxnews recently interviewed Dr. Marc Siegel who serves as a professor of medicine at NYU Lagone Medical Center and is also a regular Foxnews contributor. In the interview, he said: “My job is to let you know that there is no free lunch medically with marijuana or any drug. Even if a state or a society decides that it is wise economically and politically to make marijuana legal, at the same time we must be prepared for the …

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The hidden costs of marijuana legalization?

Earlier this month, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said his government expects to have legislation passed this summer legalizing marijuana. According to Lifesite News, in its current form, Bill C-45 would allow children as young as 12 years old to not only have five grams of Marijuana (10 joints) but to even share it with their friends. Anyone over the age of 17 will be allowed to purchase any amount of marijuana that they want and to even grow four plants in their home, but does limit how much they can share in public to 30 grams (60 Joints). Of course, we all know how mature teens are and none of them will be taking it to school. Fortunately, it looks like more responsible provincial governments may toughen the rules in their respective provinces. This is all happening despite several studies that show marijuana is particularly dangerous for teens whose brains are still developing. In a study released in 2015, researchers at the Psychiatry Institute at London, England’s King’s College blame Marijuana for 25% of the …

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‘Scromiting’ caused by a ‘safe’ drug?

With the Canadian government pushing ahead with a nation-wide legalization of marijuana in 2018, the main message behind the push world-wide that it’s a safe drug, is hitting home. After surveying 43,703 young people, the US-based National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that nearly 25% of all teens in America have tried Marijuana. NIDA has conducted a survey on teen drug habits annually since the 1970s and the survey revealed that marijuana usage is also trending upwards, even for those as young as 12. And what is happening in the US typically reflects what is taking place in Canada. The study found that marijuana usage is noticeably higher in states that have legalized recreational marijuana usage, where the safe-drug message is the most pronounced. There is some good news, the survey found that the usage of other drugs has either fallen or remained the same with one exception, along with Cannabis teens are also using more LSD, a hallucinogenic drug. Meanwhile doctors are reporting a significant increase in people arriving at hospital emergency rooms …

Marijuana being illegally grown in North Cascades National Park in the US. Credit: Park Ranger/Flickr/Creative Commons

Medical journal condemns Canada’s plan to legalize Marijuana in 2018

As the Canadian government pushes ahead to legalize Marijuana, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) published an editorial condemning the proposed legislation. The Liberal government plans to legalize Marijuana by June 2018, fulfilling a campaign promise. According to Global News that reported on the CMAJ editorial, the legislation in its current form would: Legalize the recreational use of the drug for anyone 18 years of age and older. Allow Marijuana to be grown at home for personal use, but would limit the number of plants to four and height to under one meter. Not control the potency of Marijuana. CMAJ is concerned because several studies show that Marijuana usage can have a profound impact on the developing brain of a young person. In its editorial, the publication stated since a person’s brain is not fully developed until 25, legalizing the drug before that age could potentially have a devastating impact. Recently, several studies have shown that regular marijuana usage can distort and shrink the developing brain of a teen. It can result in increased rates …

Park Rangers destroying one of 6 Marijuana fields found in North Cascades National Park Complex Photo: Park Ranger/Flickr

The second big winner in the US presidential election

There were two big winners in the American election held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Donald Trump was of course elected president in what was clearly a surprising outcome. Maybe not so surprising, the other big winner was marijuana. Three states that voted in favor of Hillary Clinton for president — Massachusetts, California and Nevada — also legalized the use of recreational Marijuana through referendum votes. Another Clinton state, Maine, also appears to have made a similar move in its initiative ballot. Though marijuana activists have declared victory, there were only a few thousand votes separating the ‘no’ and ‘yes’ sides on the ballot which has not yet been fully counted. They join five other jurisdictions that have already legalized recreational marijuana — Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and the District of Columbia, Arizona which voted for Trump rejected a similar initiative with 52% of the people voting against legalizing recreational use. In addition three states approved marijuana for medical use — North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida. Currently the federal government prohibits the recreational use of …

Why do people believe the lies? Photo: Wojciech Staszyczyk/Flickr/Creative Commons

The age of delusion

We are living in a bizarre world. Progressiveness and political correctness rule the day. It is a powerful delusion, almost a drug to many. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The Apostle Paul warned of just such a time when delusion, not truth and common sense, would rule the world. 10 and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false [lit the lie].(2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 NASV) Paul warns that because people have chosen to ignore the truth they are now vulnerable to believing a lie. Not only are they more susceptible, God will also send a spirit of delusion so that people will believe what is false. A similar pattern took place during the Exodus. When Moses approached the Pharaoh about letting Israel go he hardened his heart (Exodus 8:15, 32; 9:34) and then at other times God hardened the Pharaoh’s …

Repeated studies are revealing the profound impact Marijuana has on the human brain. Photo Marijuana field in India Richard McMullen/Flickr

The ‘Stoner Jesus’ Bible study group?

A group in Colorado are taking that state’s decision to legalize Marijuana on January 1, 2014 to a new level. According to a an article by Jennifer LeClaire with Charisma News, they started  a group to study the Bible while smoking weed. The group calls itself  ‘Stoner Jesus.” It was started by Deb Button, a recent divorcee in her forties. Button apparently had never considered using Cannabis until the Colorado government legalized it and did so at the urging of a friend. According to Button, taking the drug helped her get closer to God and this led to her forming a Bible Study group which she advertised on Craigslist. She has people of different faiths in attendance including an atheist and a Mormon. Button invited one woman who said when she showed up, the host was so spaced out she didn’t remember inviting her. While Colorado is at the forefront of the move to legalize Marijuana in the US, the Daily Mail reports that researchers from the School of Medicine at Connecticut’s Yale University concluded …

Park Rangers destroying one of 6 Marijuana fields found in North Cascades National Park Complex Photo: Park Ranger/Flickr

Two studies show increased health risks associated with Marijuana usage

As governments race ahead to see who can be the most progressive by legalizing Marijuana use, two more recently released studies are showing the negative risks associated with using Cannabis. Perhaps the biggest problem with the legalization push is the growing perception that it is a safe drug leading many young people to use the drug. According to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry by researchers from New York’s Columbia University, the rates of Marijuana substance abuse among Americans has doubled between 2001 and 2013. In their study reported by Reuters, they compared two adult surveys on Marijuana usage involving 40,000 adults in 2001/2002 with a 36,000 adult survey in 2012/2013. Between these two periods they discovered: Marijuana usage doubled. The increase was particularly noticeable among blacks, Hispanics, women, middle age and older people and southerners. Abuse or dependence problems had doubled with three out of 10 people (7 million Americans) reported being diagnosed with an addiction disorder associated with Marijuana usage compared to only 1.5 out 10 in the earlier survey. The increase was …

Will Marijuana usage make teenage boys shorter?

[by Dean Smith] Researchers at Pakistan’s Pir Mehr Ali Shaw Agriculture University concluded that teenage boys who regularly smoke marijuana could have their growth stunted by as much as four inches. The research team studied select hormones in two groups of boys — 217 who regularly smoked Cannabis and 220 boys who didn’t. Using blood tests, they specifically focused on hormones that affect puberty and growth. They discovered that boys who regularly used Marijuana had higher levels of testosterone and luteinising — both hormones related to puberty. Thought these hormone levels spiked, they noted that this group also had lower levels of growth hormones.

Marijuana’s mind games

[by Dean Smith] Dutch University Professor Olivier Marie and Ulf Zolitz of IZA recently released a study on the impact of marijuana usage at Holland’s Maastricht University. They discovered that students with easy access to marijuana had lower grades than those that didn’t. Holland legalized marijuana in 1976. Since people are only allowed to possess small quantities of the drug, this led to the rise of Cannabis cafes, where people could buy and partake. Holland has a 5 ounce possession limit compared to Colorado which allows over five times that amount. In 2011, Maastricht University introduced a curious law on campus where it only allowed Dutch, Belgian and German nationals to buy cannabis at the campus’ 13 cafes that sell the drug. It put the provision in place due to growing concerns about drug tourism.

Study blames 25% of new mental disorders on Marijuana, the so-called ‘safe’ drug

[by Dean Smith] Researchers from the Psychiatry Institute at London, England’s King’s College say Marijuana is to blame for 25% of the new mental disorders affecting young people today. This includes delusions, hallucinations and hearing voices, symptoms often associated with bipolar and schizophrenia. They blame the problem on the new super-charged Marijuana, called skunk, which is much more powerful than other, often older strains, of Cannabis. In their study reported in the Mail Online, the group says young people need to be warned “about the risks of high-potency cannabis amid a world-wide trend towards relaxing drug laws.”

Study shows Marijuana usage can lead to delusional behavior and hearing voices

A study on Marijuana usage published in the Journal of Affective Disorders concluded there is a “significant link” between Cannabis usage and having delusions, aggressive behavior, hearing voices, hyperactivity and sleeping disorders — all symptoms of bipolar. In the study, lead researcher Dr. Steven Marwaha was particularly concerned about the impact the drug had on adolescents adding that “Cannabis is the most prevalent drug used by under-18s.”

Study shows teens using marijuana regularly 60% less likely to finish school

[by Dean Smith] Researchers from Australia’s University of South Wales have concluded if a person starts smoking marijuana before age 17, they are 60% less likely to finish college than their counterparts who do not use the drug. They were also more likely to drop out of high school. While activists try to paint Cannabis as a safe drug to have it legalized, study, after study, after study, and after study are showing that marijuana is anything but safe. The results of Australian study published in The Lancet Psychiatry showed similar dangerous results. Compared to non users, teens who used Cannabis regularly were:

New study shows the addicting power of marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the world. Nearly 80 million Europeans have used the drug and in the US, marijuana usage has been steadily increasing since 2007. Many blame its growing popularity on activists promoting marijuana as a safe drug. This message has been reinforced by two states, Washington and Colorado, that have legalized the drug for recreational use. But a recent study by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) shows that significant number of Marijuana users are actually addicted to the drug — meaning they are dependent on the drug.

Does God really want us to use Marijuana?

A Oklahoma politician is using a strange argument in her attempt to have Marijuana legalized in that state. According to, Senator Constance Johnson quoted the Bible when she along with attorney David Slane announced a petition drive pushing for pot legalization in the birth place of such stars as Will Rogers, Chuck Norris and Ron Howard. Citing Genesis 1:29, Johnson said that Marijuana was among a group of herbs God created for people to use. And God said, ‘See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seeds, to you it shall be for food.” (Genesis 1:29 NASV) She said: “We’re putting forth Genesis 1:29 as the basis of this campaign. God created this wonderful, miraculous plant and we know that it has been vilified for the last 100 years, and it’s time to change that in Oklahoma.”

Record number of youth addicted to Marijuana due to a significant increase in its potency

Newly released stats by Public Health England show that there are 13,500 youth under the age of 18 in that country being treated for Marijuana addiction. This includes 200 under the age of 12. This represents a 50% increase in addiction among this age group over the past seven years. Experts are attributing this rise to the arrival of a new “super-strength” Marijuana which is several times stronger than older varieties.

Smoking Marijuana as a teen can negatively affect intelligence for life: Report

As the perception strengthens that marijuana is a safe drug, there have been a rash of studies suggesting cannibis is anything but safe, particularly for teens as their brains are still developing. Researchers at the US-based National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) just released a report stating marijuana usage not only effects a teen’s brain function, particularly in the important areas of “critical thinking” and memory, but that the affects are long-lasting. Translated: these effects do not reverse even if the person quits using the drug later in life.

Study shows even casual marijuana use affects the brain

“The interaction of marijuana with brain development could be a significant problem.” Dr Han Breiter, Professor of Psychiatry and co-study author A team of researchers has warned that even casual marijuana use can damage the brain. Previous studies have shown that significant marijuana usage by teens can have a profound impact on the person’s brain even leading to serious mental illnesses such as  schizophrenia. Now researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Harvard University have found even casual marijuana usage by teens, as little as once a week, can affect their brain. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Regular marijuana usage causes brain abnormalities and memory loss in teens

According to research out of the U.S., teens who smoke marijuana daily can have brain abnormalities similar to people with schizophrenia. With the push towards legalization of marijuana, researchers from Illinois’ Northwest University wanted a clearer picture of the drug’s impact on a person’s brain.  The results were published in the Schizophrenia Bulletin. This is an important study as marijuana is proving a popular drug among teens. Surveys show 40% of English teens have used marijuana.  In the U.S., it is the most popular drug among young adults.

Repeated studies are revealing the profound impact Marijuana has on the human brain. Photo Marijuana field in India Richard McMullen/Flickr

Study shows Marijuana usage by teens may increase risk of schizophrenia and psychiatric problems

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine concluded regular use of Marijuana by teens could lead to psychiatric problems and increased risk of schizophrenia. According to an article in the National Post, researchers came to this conclusion after studying the effects of marijuana on lab mice. After subjecting young lab mice to low doses of marijuana for a 20 day period, they discovered their test mice had significant damage to their “cortical oscillations” which impaired brain functions. The researchers said, “The striking finding is that, even though the mice were exposed to very low drug doses, and only for a brief period during adolescence, their brain abnormalities persisted into adulthood.” The concern is during human adolescence, the front part of the brain is still developing and that marijuana usage would similarly affect brain development of teens. “Previous research has shown that children who started using marijuana before the age of 16 are at greater risk of permanent cognitive deficits, and have a significantly higher incidence of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.” said the researchers. …