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Study shows Marijuana usage can lead to delusional behavior and hearing voices

Marijuana plants Photo: Minichini/foter/CC BY-NC-SA

Is Marijuana contributing to the rapid rise in bipolar? Photo Marijuana plants Minichini/foter/CC BY-NC-SA

A study on Marijuana usage published in the Journal of Affective Disorders concluded there is a “significant link” between Cannabis usage and having delusions, aggressive behavior, hearing voices, hyperactivity and sleeping disorders — all symptoms of bipolar.

In the study, lead researcher Dr. Steven Marwaha was particularly concerned about the impact the drug had on adolescents adding that “Cannabis is the most prevalent drug used by under-18s.”

The research group from England’s Warwick University was trying to discover if smoking Marijuana contributed to occurrences of mania issues such as bipolar and if it also had an impact on those previously diagnosed with the illness.

What they discovered was disturbing. They found that Marijuana usage often predated maniac episodes such a bipolar, suggesting a “distinct link” between this disorder and Cannabis usage.

Marwaha  said:

“There was a strong association with new symptoms of mania — suggesting these are caused by marijuana use.”

The study also revealed that those diagnosed with bipolar before using Marijuana had much more severe symptoms as a result of using the drug.

In their study, where they tracked 2,391 people with bipolar, they determined that teens were particularly vulnerable to Cannabis.

While politically-correct governments rush ahead to legalize Marijuana repeated studies are warning the “safe” label attached to the drug by activists is completely wrong. Unfortunately, the legalization of the drug enforces the perception among teens that it is safe for recreational use.

This study may also explain the rapid rise in bipolar disorder among teens. According to study reported in the New York Times, there was a “40-fold” increase in diagnosis of this illness between 1994 and 2003.

As for Marijuana’s medicinal value, should doctors prescribe cigarettes to reduce stress or lose weight — some of the supposed benefits associated with smoking?

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  1. iprazhm says

    Before a person decides to put any drug in their body and brain they should look at which studies stand to gain BILLIONS of dollars from selling this garbage. Those are usually the ‘researchers’ that potheads choose to be their BFF’s.


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