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Religion in the Alley: What are you resisting?

A few years ago, I did something that was wrong, maybe. I will tell you the story, and you decide. We had moved to the place where we live now, and I like to go for walks, so I travelled through the new streets and alleys. In our alley, I met a young man, who always seemed to be in the same place, and he always spoke to me. This was strange because he seemed strong and healthy, and the economy was good. He should have been at work, unless he was a drug dealer, and he was working. In the language of the seventies, he was into something. I knew he was going to ask me for something, and I was ready. When he got too fake-friendly and aggressive, I told him how I found Jesus, and how that worked for me. That is the truth, I did find Jesus, and that does work for me. The other guy wanted to pull me into something, and I didn’t need his thing. The guy looked …

Study shows Marijuana usage can lead to delusional behavior and hearing voices

A study on Marijuana usage published in the Journal of Affective Disorders concluded there is a “significant link” between Cannabis usage and having delusions, aggressive behavior, hearing voices, hyperactivity and sleeping disorders — all symptoms of bipolar. In the study, lead researcher Dr. Steven Marwaha was particularly concerned about the impact the drug had on adolescents adding that “Cannabis is the most prevalent drug used by under-18s.”