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Study: But they said marijuana was a ‘safe’ drug

Those promoting the legalization of Marijuana do so by promoting it as a ‘safe’ drug. As governments move to legalize Cannabis, they often make it illegal for teens to use. Nevertheless, the message that young people are hearing is that Cannabis is safe.

However, a recent study by Ireland’s Royal College of Surgeons has come to a different conclusion. Marijuana is dangerous for teens.

The Daily Mail explains:

Teens who smoke weed at least once a week for six months can lose up to two IQ points as they get older and find it harder to problem solve, a new study revealed. 

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) studied 808 teens who used cannabis at least weekly for at least six months and 5,308 who did not use the drug. 

They discovered that regular dope smokers suffer a decline of two IQ points over time compared to those who did not use cannabis during their teen years.

Further analysis showed that verbal IQ, linked to understanding concepts, abstract reasoning and memory, declines by three points among those who get high. 

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And this is not the only study to warn of the dangers of marijuana usage for teens.

Below is a summary of the consequences of teen usage of this so-called ‘safe’ drug:

Here are a few of the studies:

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  1. Ian Smith says

    I am an adult who uses legal cannabis responsibly. And I can confidently say that I have never seen THC/CBD advertised as a “safe” drug. Just like other legal drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and nicotine, I similarly have never seen them labeled as safe. They are intended for responsible, adult use. All of them have some negative effect on developing adolescent brains. This is known and common sense. They were never meant to be given to underage teens, hence why age restricted laws were created and enforced. This article is actually reiterating what lawmakers agree with.
    But if you are interested in an actual drug problem within current adolescent demographics, look into nicotine vaping (Juul is a name that might be familiar). It started in 2015 and gained popularity with the North American Menthol Cigarette ban of 2017/18. The alternative has hundreds of vape flavors making them really enticing. The sleek, small Juul device electronically burns oils containing nicotine and other chemicals which are inhaled. It can charge via magnetic USB and comes in several flashy colors. Essentially smoking has been rebranded.


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