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The incompetence of EU bureaucrats on display

The incompetence of the bureaucrats running the European Union (EU) is fully on display, as it tries to force AstraZeneca, that is manufacturing COVID vaccines in Britain, to send those vaccines to the European Union instead of to the Brits who ordered them.

Breitbart explains:

The European Union, which failed to secure early production of coronavirus vaccines, is demanding that UK-made AstraZeneca doses produced for Britons be sent to Europe instead. […]

While Eurocrats sought to blame AstraZeneca and alleged that it was favouring the UK as a customer, the company’s CEO revealed that the UK had a contract in place three months before the bloc, and implied Brussels bureaucracy was to blame for the lack of progress with successful vaccine production.

Now, in order to make up for the bloc’s shortfall, the EU is demanding that not only are exports of the drugs forbidden but that millions of vaccines made in the UK by the joint British AstraZeneca-Oxford venture — under the British government’s contract, meant for Britons — be sent to Europe, according to The Telegraph.

READ: EU Bureaucrats Try to Seize UK-Made Vaccines After Covid Failures

And there is good news on the COVID front in Britain as the number of cases continues to fall. READ: Number of people testing positive for Covid in England falls 17% in a week with 275,000 cases in seven days to January 20 – the lowest since before Christmas

And the same appears to be happening in the US as well. READ: U.S. new COVID cases down 21% in past week, deaths fall from peak

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