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Study concludes that marijuana users are a third more likely to have heart disease

One of the biggest problems with the legalization of Marijuana is the claims by activists behind this push that it is a ‘safe drug.’

According to a study by researchers from Stanford University, regular users of Cannabis are 34% more likely to experience coronary artery disease than those who don’t use the drug, the Daily Mail reports.

The conclusion was based on a study of 175,000 Americans.

Lead researcher, Dr Ishan Paranjpe, said: ‘In terms of the public health message, it shows that there are probably certain harms of cannabis use that weren’t recognized before, and people should take that into account.’

Previous studies have found that marijuana not only caused people’s hearts to beat faster but that it also caused a person’s arteries to narrow quickly.

READ: Cannabis users are up to a THIRD more likely to develop heart disease, major study warns

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