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The ‘Stoner Jesus’ Bible study group?

Repeated studies are revealing the profound impact Marijuana has on the human brain. Photo Marijuana field in India Richard McMullen/Flickr

Repeated studies are revealing the profound impact Marijuana has on the human brain. Photo Marijuana field in India Richard McMullen/Flickr

A group in Colorado are taking that state’s decision to legalize Marijuana on January 1, 2014 to a new level. According to a an article by Jennifer LeClaire with Charisma News, they started  a group to study the Bible while smoking weed.

The group calls itself  ‘Stoner Jesus.”

It was started by Deb Button, a recent divorcee in her forties. Button apparently had never considered using Cannabis until the Colorado government legalized it and did so at the urging of a friend.

According to Button, taking the drug helped her get closer to God and this led to her forming a Bible Study group which she advertised on Craigslist.

She has people of different faiths in attendance including an atheist and a Mormon. Button invited one woman who said when she showed up, the host was so spaced out she didn’t remember inviting her.

While Colorado is at the forefront of the move to legalize Marijuana in the US, the Daily Mail reports that researchers from the School of Medicine at Connecticut’s Yale University concluded that smoking just a half a toke of Marijuana can result in a psychosis event similar to schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder where people can lose contact with reality. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association it can result in delusions, hallucinations and “disturbed thinking.”

Speaking on behalf of the Yale research group, psychiatry professor Dr. Deepak D’Souza said:

“At doses roughly the equivalent to half or single joint delta-9 THC produced psychosis-like effects and increase neural noise in humans.”

Dr. Joses Cortes-Briones, the study’s co-author, stated the increased neural noise “disrupts the brain’s normal information processing.”

They came to this conclusion after studying 24 people in a double-blind test where they were either given a placebo or Cannabis’s active ingredient delta-9 THC. Over the three-day study they analyzed the electrical activity of the participants’ brains.

In their study published in Biological Psychiatry, the researchers said this connection should be part of the discussion as governments move to legalize Marijuana.

Predictably many of those pushing for the legalization of Cannabis commented on the article. CAM2033 from Bogota, Columbia said, “Do they never cease with their propaganda and lies? Neural noise=the buzz.”

In her Charisma article, Jennifer LeClair said Marijuana usage, that started at age 15, resulted in her moving on to stronger drugs. LeClair who now serves as senior editor at Charisma News writes:

“Smoking weed opened the door to smoking crack with petty criminals in Key West that would end up on America’s Most Wanted. Smoking weed opened the door to snorting and shooting heroin in a studio apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen for a solid week until I was on the brink of addiction.”

Probably the biggest concern with the push to legalize Marijuana is the associated messaging it is a safe drug. Repeated studies show it is anything but.


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