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Child usage of Marijuana up 250% in 20 years, study reveals

A recent study by researchers from Oregon Health and Science University has found that Marijuana usage has jumped 250% among those between the ages of six to 18 over the past 20 years, the Daily Mail Reports.

The researchers came to the conclusion after studying reports of 338,000 cases of drug poisoning over the past two decades reported to poison centers by medical staff or the public.

Based on these statistics, the researchers noted that not only was Marijuana the fastest-growing drug of choice by this age group, by 2014 it had superseded alcohol usage among teens.

In the first year studied by the researchers, 2000, there were 510 reported Marijuana incidents for that age group. This had increased to 1,761 by the last year of their study, 2020.

The most rapid increase (40%) took place between 2017 and 2020 when Marijuana was being spun as a safe drug by activists and politicians pushing for its legalization.

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Unfortunately, Marijuana’s safe drug spin is leading young people to use the drug. They are particularly vulnerable to its negative effects as their brains are still developing.

The following is a partial list of recent research revealing the damaging impact of Marijuana usage, particularly among teens:

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