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Study: Marijuana may impact a person’s ability to think and plan

While the activists continue to push politicians to legalize marijuana, perhaps the most dangerous part of this campaign is their messaging that it is a ‘safe’ drug.

So, we have teenagers thinking it’s safe and even parents preferring their children to use cannabis over alcohol.

Yet, study after study is saying marijuana is not safe.

The latest involves a study out of the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, which revealed that Marijuana may affect a person’s ability to think and plan.

CNN explains:

Our study enabled us to highlight several areas of cognition impaired by cannabis use, including problems concentrating and difficulties remembering and learning, which may have considerable impact on users’ daily lives,” said coauthor Dr. Alexandre Dumais, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal.

Cannabis use in youth may consequently lead to reduced educational attainment, and, in adults, to poor work performance and dangerous driving. These consequences may be worse in regular and heavy users,” Dumais said.

READ: Using marijuana may affect your ability to think and plan, study says

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