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Can dogs protect their owners from COVID after 8 pm? Asking for a friend!

The people of the Canadian province of Quebec are referring to their province as dystopian as the government just implemented its latest COVID-1984 lockdown preventing people from going for walks between 8 pm and 5 am. But apparently dogs are still allowed to take their humans for a walk after 8 pm.

The National Post‘s, Chris Selby explains:

As of Wednesday, Quebec’s seven-day average new case rate was 301 per million, leading second-place Alberta by 28 per cent and third-place Ontario by 44 per cent. Alberta and Manitoba peaked even higher in late November and early December, but numbers in the Western provinces have fallen significantly since then without anything so draconian as a curfew in place. The same cannot be said for Ontario and Quebec, where cases have trended relentlessly upward since November.

The vaccines are here, but the rollout has been — to be charitable — less than impressive. Meanwhile long-term care homes, where at least three-quarters of deaths have occurred, remain devastatingly vulnerable. So now, because governments can’t get their act together and some critical mass of citizens can’t or won’t take the precautions necessary not to spread and catch the virus, you can’t go for a healthy walk after 8 p.m. in Canada’s second-most-populous province unless you have a dog.

Dogs literally count more now.  It’s grotesque, and Ontario may well be next.

READ: Chris Selley: No reason to trust Quebec’s new curfew will work, or end any time soon: National Post, Jan 7, 2021

Does this mean dogs can protect their owners from COVID attacks after 8 pm? Asking for a friend.

As well, Quebecers can expect a heavy police presence as the curfew comes into effect. READ: Curfew now in effect across Quebec; heavy police presence expected

Quebec’s lockdown is apparently being patterned off what happened in Australia’s Victoria State. When their 8 pm curfew came into effect, they actually had helicopters with spotlights circling the city looking for offenders. And police were doing random house checks to make sure nobody had left their homes. READ: COVID rules in Melbourne, Australia let police enter homes without permission, smash car windows

Meanwhile, in Manitoba’s dystopia, police fined a man who had a medical exemption from wearing a mask. READ: COVID cops fine mask exempt Manitoba man, tracked down with co-op code and security footage.

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