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Why we need all the COVID-1984 lockdown facts!

Part of the problem with the COVID-1984 lockdowns being implemented by governments around the world is that people are not getting the full facts on what is really happening. Case in point, the Canadian province of Alberta where COVID cases are apparently surging and some are demanding a full and utter lockdown of the province.

But Alberta is different, because the province’s health department decided to present all the COVID facts, not just the selected tidbits that most governments present.

So let’s take a look at what is really going on, and you can decide if a full lockdown is warranted. Or maybe as an alternative, the protection should be targeted at protecting the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus.

The Toronto Sun explains:

Alberta continues to offer even more nuanced data about persons who have died from COVID-19 and the underlying conditions they were facing.

The other week, the province revealed that over three quarters of Albertans who had died were also grappling “with 3 or more conditions.” As of last update, only 11 persons — or 2.3% of total deaths in Alberta – had died with zero underlying conditions, or co-morbidities.

These conditions range from common ones such as diabetes and hypertension to severe ones including cancer, dementia and liver cirrhosis. […]

Now, Alberta Health Services has also provided information about co-morbidities for each specific death announced.

On Wednesday, when nine new deaths were announced, the tally was as follows: Woman in her 90s, unknown; male 90s, unknown; female 50s, had co-morbidities; female 80s, had co-morbidities; female 90s, no co-morbidities; male 80s, unknown; male 80s, unknown; male 80s, had co-morbidities; male 70s, had co-morbidities. Only the last two individuals were not linked to an outbreak at a retirement or care facility.

READ: FUREY: Alberta offers even more data on COVID-19 deaths

Then a constitutional law firm, the Justice Centre, based in Alberta, gave notice it would start legal proceedings if there was an attempt to initiate a full lockdown in Calgary, Alberta. Citing the same Alberta Health Service data, the Justice Center wrote that 97% of the people who caught COVID in that province have no or minimal symptoms:

AHS’s own data makes it clear that 97% of people who contract COVID-19 are entirely asymptomatic or only mildly ill. Aside from the lack of reliability of PCR testing, fewer than 3% of these “cases” concern people who require hospitalization. In regard to claims that the health care system risks being overrun, the most recent AHS statistics show that COVID-19 patients are currently using less than 3% of Alberta’s hospital beds. As announced by the provincial government in April, ICU capacity can be expanded to 1,374 beds; currently COVID-19 patients are using only 4% of this total ICU capacity.

More than 27,000 Albertans die each year, including 449 deaths from opioid poisoning. Since March of 2020, 423 Albertans have died of COVID-19, less than 2% of total deaths.

Since March, there have been 1,278 people hospitalized and 220 people requiring ICU. In 2017-18, there were 3,097 people hospitalized with influenza and 249 admissions to ICU. Our hospital system did not fall apart.

READ: Constitutional law firm says they will challenge Calgary in court if they implement ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown AND Justice Centre will take Calgary “circuit-breaker” lockdown to court, if implemented

In the United States:

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report stating that 94% of the people who died of COVID in the US had on average 2.6 underlying health issues. This left many wondering if they died of COVID or with COVID. It also means that only 6% of them died solely of COVID. RELATED: CDC: 6% of coronavirus deaths were solely from COVID-19

So not only are underlying health issues a major contributing factor to COVID deaths, the CDC also provides a breakdown of COVID deaths by age group:

  • 0-19 years: 0.00003
  • 20-49 years: 0.0002
  • 50-69 years: 0.005
  • 70+ years: 0.054

READ: Centers for Disease Control

So do we lockdown the healthy or focus our attention on protecting the vulnerable?

If governments want to initiate a full COVID-1984 lockdown, then it is incumbent on them to present all the facts. If politicians refuse, then taxpayers can only wonder why.

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