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Brits may only be allowed to leave homes once a week

According to a report on Breitbart, the British government is considering taking its third lockdown to the next Dystopian level and may only allow people to leave their homes once a week. Effectively, this would put the whole country on house arrest.

Breitbart explains:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly considering enforcing even more stringent measures during England’s third lockdown, including banning Britons from leaving their homes more than once a week.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Johnson announced the third lockdown with stay-at-home orders, which could legally last until March 31st.

The government is now considering putting Britons under effective house arrest, with sources speaking to the Mail Online saying that unless people strictly follow the rules, Boris may ban people leaving their homes more than once a week.

Currently, Britons may exercise once a day with either a friend, others in their house, or with their support bubble. They may also go out for other ‘essential’ purposes such as food shopping or to receive healthcare.

READ: UK Govt Mulls Ban on Britons Leaving the House More than Once Per Week: Report

Meanwhile, in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, police handcuffed a woman sitting alone on a park bench. Some have been pushing the narrative that this was part of an organized protest of the lockdown, but so what, in what bizarre universe did it become a crime to sit alone on a bench?

It sounds oddly similar to two women in Britain that the police fined for going for walk. The two were even social distancing keeping at least six feet a part. The police officer issued the fine because the women were drinking coffee as they walked. Apparently, it is illegal under the lock down rules to go for a picnic. Yes, they were accused of picnicking. READPolice who fined two women £200 for socially-distanced country walk are slammed by ex-chief constable who says ‘if police don’t act fairly, public won’t comply’

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