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7 California Democrats who flaunted lockdown rules

California State Legislature

While California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has just introduced a restrictive lockdown on California commoners for the next month, it appears the elite of the Democrat Party believe they can flaunt the rules at their pleasure. The Daily Wire has provided a list of seven Democrats who act like the COVID-1984 restrictions are beneath them.

Topping the list is Gov. Newsom, himself, followed by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, US Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, US Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several California Democrat lawmakers who travelled to Hawaii for a national legislative convention. Now to be fair, the Hawaii trip included a few Republicans and independents from California and other states, but they tend to oppose the heavy restrictions imposed by Democrat governments.

The Daily Wire explains:

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom just issued a month-long curfew for most of the state that takes effect on Saturday night. Earlier this week, he announced state authorities were “pulling the emergency brake,” explaining drastic changes like tightening mask requirements were necessary to curb the rapid spread of COVID-19. He said 94% of the state’s population, or approximately 37 million people, would now reside in counties under the strictest “purple” tier of his reopening plan. Meanwhile, the threat of another economy-damaging stay-at-home order looms for more than ten million people who live in Los Angeles County.

After eight months of fluctuating restrictions, the stated objective remains to “flatten the curve.” But recent events have caused a growing number of Californians to question the moral authority of elected officials who seem to ignore the same guidelines they push onto their constituents.

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And it is not just politicians, but the medical elite of California have also been caught with their masks down allegedly violating the COVID rules at the same party Newsom attended. READ: Report: California Medical Association Execs Joined Gavin Newsom at ‘French Laundry’ Party AND California doctors’ top brass attended French Laundry dinner with Newsom

A little more on the California lawmakers who decided to travel to Hawaii. READ: As California Braces for Curfew, Some Lawmakers Gather in Maui

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Of course, there are Democrats outside California doing the same thing:

READ: Left-wing Philly mayor ripped for indoor dining in MD while restaurants he banned from same service in his own city ‘suffer and fight for every nickel’

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