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Video: How to amplify the number of COVID cases?

As an aside, Rumble is a free speech alternative to YouTube.

Ignore the sensationalized headline in this video, because the interview with this doctor, Dr. Stephen Maulthouse, a physician from the Canadian province of British Columbia, reveals the other side of the COVID debate.

He believes that there has been an amplification of the number of COVID cases in Canada. The use of PCR tests results in people testing positive for COVID, who are not sick and in many cases no longer have the virus. He adds that a Portugal court just ruled that PCR tests are not a reliable way of testing for COVID. READ: Covid PCR test reliability doubtful – Portugal judges

He says that though there are people dying from COVID, the number of overall deaths is typical of what we see this time of year, with fall and winter being the influenza seasons. Of course, this is what was stated in a study (since pulled but still available) by a professor at John Hopkins University, who noted that though there has been an increase in the number of people dying from COVID in the US, the number of overall deaths has not increased because it was offset by a decline in people dying from heart failure, cancer and other health issues. READJohns Hopkins retracts report finding COVID death count ‘not alarming’

The doctor also wondered why there has been a dramatic drop in people being diagnosed with influenza/flu around the world. He suspects that in part this is because they are being diagnosed with COVID instead and that is not the first time we heard that. READFlu rates crater this season, now epidemiologist goes public with reason

According to Maulthouse, even the claims that the ICUs are filling up is again what we typically see in the fall and winter. As an example of this, take a look at the headlines from the British newspaper, The Guardian, that for the past 8 years has been claiming the hospitals in Britain are bing over run. READ: Manufacture a COVID crisis: Claim hospitals are overrun

When asked if he is the only doctor in Canada to have concerns about how governments are handing COVID through lockdowns, Maulthouse said there are many across Canada who feel the same way. In fact, there are thousands around the world calling for an end to the lockdowns. READ: The Great Barrington Declaration signature count

LifeSite News published an article on a letter Dr. Maulthouse wrote British Columbia’s Minister of Health. READ: Canadian doctor calls out govt, blasts lockdowns: ‘Induce fear, create compliance’

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