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Poll: Climate change is last on American’s list of concerns

While the elite travel around the world on their private jets telling the rest of us we need to cut back our carbon emissions, the people living in the real world have bigger concerns.

Should We Love Our Enemies Even During a Time of War?

By Dr. Michael L. Brown

Recently, some Christians in Ukraine came under fire for putting up billboards in their city with verses from the Bible, one of which quoted the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount where He called us to love our enemies (see Matthew 5:43-48). As a result, these Christians have been branded separatists and traitors, with some calling for their church to be investigated.

The ‘Bizarro World’ of schools, kids, and facemasks

For those too young to know, the Bizarro World was the alternate Superman universe where everything was opposite. Good was evil and evil good. All thinking was reversed. The illogical became logical and logical became illogical. And, it seems, some of America’s public schools have now entered this alternate universe. The Daily Mail reports that on April 18, 2022, Milwaukee Public Schools ended their mask mandate. Students and teachers would no longer need to wear them. Mask wearing would be optional. Then, after one day of being free, the school board reversed the decision and required everyone to wear masks. Why, you ask? This is because COVID testing revealed over the course of one day there was a dramatic increase in COVID cases. The Daily Mail explains: There were 479 new cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Tuesday – but the next day, that number shot up to 1,585, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  It’s ‘Bizarro World’ where illogical becomes logical. It typically takes around four days to test positive for COVID …

Did the Russian warship, Moskva, have a piece of Christ’s ‘True Cross’ on board when it sank?

You may have heard of the sinking of the Moskva, Russia’s flagship in the Baltic Sea on April 14, 2022. There are now reports that it had a piece of Christ’s True Cross on board when it sank. The high-tech missile ship provided protection to the Russian fleet trying to supply the country’s army that has invaded Ukraine. Ukraine’s military claimed it had hit and sunk the ship with land-based cruise missiles. The Russian military initially denied this stating there had been a fire onboard that ignited the ship’s ammunition resulting in a massive explosion. It also stated that the ship was still afloat, and being towed for repairs. The Russian media later stated the ship had sunk. The reaction by Russia since the sinking basically confirmed that it was indeed sunk by Ukraine’s military, and Russia was in damage control over this humiliating defeat. Moskva had a crew of over 500 men, and it is uncertain how many were killed in the attack. It is the largest warship sunk since World War II. There …

A provado la Biblia ser un libro de milagros?

English version: Did a Bible miracle prove itself? La Biblia es un libro de milagros. Pero hay un milagro que se destaca de la multitud. No está en la lista de cualquiera de los diez milagros de la Biblia. Algunos incluso lo han llamado una sanación fracasada. Pero sigo sosteniendo que este es uno de los grandes milagros de la Biblia, porque esta curiosa sanación demuestra ser realidad. Pero antes de estudiar esta situación tenemos que mirar una intrigante historia contada por el Dr. Oliver Sacks. El Dr. Oliver Sacks es profesor de neurología y psiquiatría del Centro Médico de la Universidad de Columbia en Nueva York. En su libro,  ” Un antropólogo en Marte “,explica la intrigante historia de un hombre que recibió la vista después de casi una vida completa de ceguera. En 1991, Sacks recibió una llamada de un ministro retirado. Esta llamada era sobre el prometido de su hija llamado Virgilio quien fue diagnosticado a una edad muy joven con retinitis pigmentosa. Esta es una enfermedad hereditaria que destruye la retina causando ceguera permanente. Este diagnóstico fue …