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Trudeau targets grain production in Western Canada

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have a complete lack of commons sense. While the world faces food shortages and skyrocketing food prices, Trudeau is obsessing over ideology.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now targeting cereal grain production in Western Canada, considered one of the major food baskets in the world, in his effort to reduce carbon emissions.

In particular, Trudeau wants to lower or end fertilizer usage on the prairies.

The Western Producer provides the details:

Ag Canada says cutting such emissions is critical because the federal government wants to reduce fertilizer related emissions 30 percent by 2030.

READ: Feds target cereals as major emitter

Of course, the prairie provinces typically vote Conservative, and I am sure politics has nothing to do with this decision to target Western farmers.

Yes, Canada’s Prime Minister believes that the best way to save the world is by starving it.


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  2. Kimmie says

    Trudeau’s plan to reduce (or make more expensive) Canadian crop production goes hand in hand with destroying CANADAs ethical petroleum supply. Anyone with common sense and the ability to read the Globalist plan for a “new, top-down world economy run by select Stakeholder” will understand this is all exactly to plan. Destroying “local” supply chains and setting the stage for a total stripping of wealth from the middle class to fund monopolistic corporate government and the creation of their new global empire ….it is, in fact a return to Serfs and OverLords. It has NOTHING to do with environmental repair. EVERY action INCREASES pollution (shipping commodities around the world, rather than producing and controlling locally) Allowing China and India to INCREASE oil gas and pollution levels..while claiming YOUR taxation on reduction is “the solution”. ..and so so much more. The majority get their info from Main Stream Media and corrupted Internet Search engines …who are just funded propaganda networks, controlled and owned by these same oligarchs and world asset owners (like Blackrock and Mainstret Equity) Once the media is controlled, you control the people…thankfully there’s are website like “Open the Word” and others….soon to likely be controlled by Canada’s internet censorship Bill ….this is SPIRITUAL WARFARE…..sometimes it is difficult to trust in the Lord and we feel so angry He has not shown His power and Glory by stopping or striking down those who wish to bring in the “post-human” revolution to become gods over us…perhaps THIS is our test..but seeing Evil so easily lie and fool so many people -who think giving up their Free Will is good thing- is difficult and infuriating. The Christians who fought to spread And save Christianity worldwide were often solders and fought a physical and spiritual war against their Enemies and oppressors. Why is there no such army of Christians today? Are we to now believe allowing our extermination and success of evil is Gods will? Perhaps a future article?


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