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The ‘Bizarro World’ of schools, kids, and facemasks

For those too young to know, the Bizarro World was the alternate Superman universe where everything was opposite. Good was evil and evil good.

All thinking was reversed. The illogical became logical and logical became illogical.

And, it seems, some of America’s public schools have now entered this alternate universe.

The Daily Mail reports that on April 18, 2022, Milwaukee Public Schools ended their mask mandate. Students and teachers would no longer need to wear them. Mask wearing would be optional.

Then, after one day of being free, the school board reversed the decision and required everyone to wear masks.

Why, you ask?

This is because COVID testing revealed over the course of one day there was a dramatic increase in COVID cases.

The Daily Mail explains:

There were 479 new cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Tuesday – but the next day, that number shot up to 1,585, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

It’s ‘Bizarro World’ where illogical becomes logical.

It typically takes around four days to test positive for COVID after coming in contact.

So, this means that students testing positive for COVID caught the virus, while they were still wearing masks.

Since the masks didn’t stop the spread, in the Milwaukee School Board’s twisted ‘Bizarro World’ thinking, it’s only logical that you demand students start wearing them to stop the spread.

READ: Milwaukee officials reinstate public school mask mandate just ONE DAY after kids ditched their face coverings amid spike in COVID cases

A few reminders on the effectiveness of facemasks:

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And a reminder of the harm facemasks cause children:

READ Study finds high carbon dioxide levels in kids who wear face masks, concludes: ‘Children should not be forced to wear face masks’

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