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A runner required to wear a facemask collapses during a race

The state of Oregon requires people to wear masks outside even while participating in sports, and the stupidity of that political decision was exposed during a recent high school event when a runner wearing a mask collapsed at the end of the race.

The Virus Wars: Are you ready?

Many people are protesting the restrictions we live under, with the COVID 19 pandemic. I work with the public, and recently a woman talked back to me and protested me. I am trained to wear a mask and use disinfectants; we have safety procedures, and I think they are good. I think we are all safer with the procedures and disinfectants, and I can still do my work. One woman protested that face masks cause distress for the client I was talking to. The woman took out her phone and found a government web site with information for people who have problems with masks. If you are wondering, I didn’t look to verify the information. The place was isolated and there were no known cases of COVID 19 for many miles. I carefully disinfected myself and made sure my mask was in position, and I finished my work, and I cleaned myself carefully after. The risk was small, and those people made their own decisions about their safety. I did not want to be a …