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UK imposes facemasks on school children based on a study that shows they don’t work

Despite several studies showing that facemasks, particularly the cloth ones, basically do nothing to stop the spread of COVID, the NY Post is reporting that the UK is requiring students to wear masks during the significantly milder Omicron surge.

And they have based their decision on a study that according to the experts basically shows that masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID.

The study compared the rate of infection in 123 thousand UK schools that enforced mask usage with 1,200 schools that did not.

The study, which took place in October 2021 during the Delta surge, found that the schools which used facemasks saw their absence rate fall by 2.3 percentage points to 3%.

But oddly, the schools that did not enforce masks also saw the average absence rate drop. If facemasks actually worked, you would expect absences to go up in non-mask schools, not down.

The drop wasn’t as large as the schools using facemasks, as they reported a decline of 1.7 percentage points to 3.6%.

But even the study noted the difference was not statistically significant, and other experts suggested the study was “riddled with problems”.

READ: Study used to justify UK school mask rules fails to prove they work

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Facemasks actually cause more harm than good to students

Meanwhile, a study out of Germany discovered that school children wearing facemasks breathed in recycled air with between 13,120 and 13,910 ppm of CO2. This was six times higher than Germany’s Environmental agency’s maximum amount allowed (2,000 ppm). C02 rates between 2,000 and 5,000 ppm lead to drowsiness, headaches, lack of concentration, increased heart rate, and even nausea. READ Study finds high carbon dioxide levels in kids who wear face masks, concludes: ‘Children should not be forced to wear face masks’

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The facemask propaganda war

A massive Danish study conducted by Oxford university professors, early in the pandemic, revealed that facemasks were basically useless in stopping the spread of COVID. Within days, it was banned on Facebook, revealing that the truth was no longer relevant, this was now a propaganda war. READ: Two top Oxford academics accuse Facebook of censorship for branding their article on whether masks work ‘false information’

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