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New York Times admits mask mandates didn’t work

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, President Joe Biden sent his lawyers to the Federal Appeals Court to overturn a lower court ruling that ended Biden’s mandate that masks be worn on all public transport including passenger jets. Ironically, the same day that Biden was hoping to have the mask mandate reinstated, there was an article in the New York Times that basically admitted that mask mandates made no difference in stopping the spread of COVID.

The ‘Bizarro World’ of schools, kids, and facemasks

For those too young to know, the Bizarro World was the alternate Superman universe where everything was opposite. Good was evil and evil good. All thinking was reversed. The illogical became logical and logical became illogical. And, it seems, some of America’s public schools have now entered this alternate universe. The Daily Mail reports that on April 18, 2022, Milwaukee Public Schools ended their mask mandate. Students and teachers would no longer need to wear them. Mask wearing would be optional. Then, after one day of being free, the school board reversed the decision and required everyone to wear masks. Why, you ask? This is because COVID testing revealed over the course of one day there was a dramatic increase in COVID cases. The Daily Mail explains: There were 479 new cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Tuesday – but the next day, that number shot up to 1,585, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  It’s ‘Bizarro World’ where illogical becomes logical. It typically takes around four days to test positive for COVID …

Take the COVID mask quiz

Governments and public health authorities have mandated that people had to wear masks, even outside in some instances, to stop the spread of COVID. The following COVID mask quiz provides a chart of daily COVID case counts of several countries over the past several months and asks you to pick the date when the country implemented its mask mandate.

Five states lift facemask requirements

With Texas taking the lead stating it was lifting its COVID facemask requirements and allowing businesses to function at 100% capacity, four other states have followed suit stating they will end the need for facemasks when out in public. This was in response to rising vaccination rates and declining numbers of COVID cases. In addition, the Democrat Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, has announced that stores can return to 100% capacity, but its facemask requirement remains in place. CBN explains: Meanwhile, a number of states are lifting restrictions as new cases and hospitalizations have plunged. Gov. Ned Lamont (D) of the blue state of Connecticut announced he’s lifting nearly all limits on businesses – returning to full capacity at restaurants, hair salons, and gyms. Five states: Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, and Texas have all lifted their mask mandates. “Texans have mastered the safe strategies – they don’t need an order from Austin, Texas telling them what to do,” says Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX). READ: 5 States Lift Mask Mandates and Even This Blue State Lifted …

The Virus Wars: Are you ready?

Many people are protesting the restrictions we live under, with the COVID 19 pandemic. I work with the public, and recently a woman talked back to me and protested me. I am trained to wear a mask and use disinfectants; we have safety procedures, and I think they are good. I think we are all safer with the procedures and disinfectants, and I can still do my work. One woman protested that face masks cause distress for the client I was talking to. The woman took out her phone and found a government web site with information for people who have problems with masks. If you are wondering, I didn’t look to verify the information. The place was isolated and there were no known cases of COVID 19 for many miles. I carefully disinfected myself and made sure my mask was in position, and I finished my work, and I cleaned myself carefully after. The risk was small, and those people made their own decisions about their safety. I did not want to be a …