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NYC forces 2 to 4-year-olds to continue wearing masks

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In March, the city said that New Yorkers no longer had to wear facemasks. But not everyone was exempt, apparently, the all-knowing government decided that kids under the age of five must still wear masks at daycares and pre-schools.

The Daily Wire explains:

Last month, everyone in New York City was allowed to stop wearing masks – except for children under five years old, even though they have one of the lowest risks for contracting and spreading COVID-19.

On Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would continue to force children aged two to four to continue wearing masks, claiming the decision was about “children’s health and safety.” Earlier that same day, a judge on Staten Island had issued an order to invalidate the mandate, which the city appealed. Adams announced later on Friday that an appellate judge had ruled in the city’s favor.

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Yes, those the least likely to be impacted by COVID still have to wear masks.

How one New Yorker responded:

In the meantime:

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And, if you are wondering why she is no longer taking the subway:

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