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Free speech advocate, Elon Musk, buys 9.2% stake in Twitter

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and strong free-speech advocate, now owns 9.25% of Twitter’s shares.

Twitter has become a bastion for the left-wing, and some are reporting that the social media giant is already canceling conservative voices in the run-up to the US mid-term elections in November.

However, there was a major shake-up after Musk’s recent purchase of 73.5 million Twitter Inc shares valued at nearly $2.9 billion.

The purchase saw the value of Twitter’s shares jump by 25% which now sit at $49.81 a share.

Musk now owns four times more shares than Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey and is Twitter’s largest single shareholder.

Over the past couple of weeks, Musk has been sending out some interesting Tweets stating that free speech is essential for a healthy democracy and then asked his followers if they believed Twitter supports free speech.

When 70% of his followers said it didn’t, Musk then asked a follow-up question.

And the next day, Musk hinted that he was considering building a social media platform similar to Twitter that supported free speech.

However, many of his followers responded by encouraging him to buy Twitter instead.

Over the past several years, Twitter has not only canceled conservative accounts but repeatedly block news stories that countered its left-wing narrative.

Fox News reports:

Twitter also blocked the sharing of links to a New York Post article revealing the contents of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. While critics derided the story as Russian disinformation at the time, both the New York Times and Washington Post have since acknowledged that the story was accurate.

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