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Elon Musk calls WEF, an ‘unelected world government’

If you are unaware, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is on the last day of its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Many believe the organization funded and founded by Klaus Schwab is pushing for world domination. Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, recently condemned the WEF calling it an ‘unelected world government,” Fox News reports. “WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want,” Musk tweeted. The WEF’s annual meeting, held this year from January 16 to 20, attracts elites from areas of academia, politics, and business, and its founder Klaus Schwab has described the recent COVID pandemic as an opportunity for a great reset, and to make the world in Schwab’s image. That includes a program called Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Musk later tweeted the S actually stands for Satanic. READ: Musk rips World Economic Forum: ‘unelected world government’ So what does the WEF agenda include: Well, the WEF wants you to quit eating meat and start eating bugs. Don’t presume for one minute, this …

Twitter soars

Despite what the naysayers have been warning, it appears that since Elon Musk took over Twitter and pledged to reintroduce ‘free speech’ to the platform things have been booming, Business Insider reports. Reports suggest that Twitter’s daily usage has reached all-time highs and that is after, the Social Media giant recently purged thousands of bot accounts. Business Insider provides more details: Since the take-private deal closed, Twitter’s so-called monetisable daily user (mDAU) growth accelerated to more than 20 per cent, according to an internal document that was shared with Twitter’s sales team to use in conversations with advertisers, The Verge reported. […] According to the FAQ, Twitter added more than 15 million mDAUs, “crossing the quarter billion mark” since the end of the second quarter, when it stopped reporting financials as a public company. If the company is following similar metrics for calculating these numbers like earlier, that would mean there has been no exodus of users, as feared by many. READ: User growth at ‘all-time highs’ under Elon Musk, Twitter tells ad firms

How Twitter fact-checked President Biden’s tweet

With Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media giant, Twitter, people are hoping for a return to free speech and facts on the platform. It may be too soon to tell, but people were pleasantly surprised when Twitter fact-checked one of President Biden’s tweets when his office gloated: “Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their social security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership.” In response to the now-deleted Tweet, Twitter pointed out in a statement below the tweet, that the increase was simply an automatic cost of living adjustment due to inflation caused by the Biden administration. The fact check stated: “Seniors will receive a large Social Security benefit increase due to the annual cost of living adjustment, which is based on the inflation rate. President Nixon in 1972 signed into law automatic benefit adjustments tied to the Consumer Price Index. Pub. L. 92-336 (1972).” READ: Twitter praised for fact-check on White House account: ‘Fact checks are getting factual now!’

Free Speech returns to Twitter as Musk takes over

Unless President Joe Biden intervenes Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter seems to be a done deal. To demonstrate how close the deal is to being completed, Musk changed his profile name to ‘Chief Twit’ and released a video of him entering Twitter headquarters carrying a kitchen sink. It is suspected that Musk will officially take over Twitter on Friday, Oct. 28, 2022. In a letter posted today, Musk revealed that his decision to purchase Twitter was for the sake of Free Speech in America as over the years the platform has repeatedly censored conservative voices. The Daily Wire provides more details of Musk’s letter: “The reason I acquired Twitter is because it is important to the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner, without resorting to violence,” Musk wrote. “There is currently great danger that social media will splinter into far right wing and far left wing echo chambers that generate more hate and divide our society.” He also …

‘The Babylon Bee’ invites billionaire Elon Musk to become a Christian

The Babylon Bee is a satirical website that regularly publishes parody stories, with a humorous spin, on recent news. Its motto is simply ‘Fake news that you can trust’. Back in October 2020, after NASA stated it had found evidence of water on the moon, The Babylon Bee immediately published a satirical story that then US President Donald Trump was preparing to launch a space navy. Even the US Navy joined in the fun: Of course, everyone knew this was satire, except, of course, the mainstream media. USA Today actually wrote a story declaring the space navy as fake news. Forcing The Babylon Bee to issue a retraction: Which it later retracted: And this is not the only time that the mainstream media has accused The Babylon Bee of writing ‘real’ fake news. I think they hate the competition. But The Babylon Bee has a serious side, that recently showed up in a December interview it had with billionaire Elon Musk, conducted by The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann, and former creative …