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79% of Twitter users believe Musk will improve the social media site

A recent poll conducted by OnePoll reveals how much our lives and thinking is being controlled by a small group of left-wing radicals.

With the controversy that erupted after the Twitter board announced it was willing to sell Twitter to one of the world’s richest men, Elon Musk, you would think the majority of Americans are opposed to the purchase. Elon Musk is a strong free-speech advocate.

In fact, it is the exact opposite, as 79% of those who regularly use Twitter believe Musk’s purchase will improve the site.

In other words, Americans are being bullied and canceled by a small fanatical left-wing minority.

Study Finds reports:

Despite reports of mass account deactivations following the news, 79 percent of users polled believe that putting one of the world’s richest people in charge will transform the platform for the better. Seventy-six percent even claim they’ll use their accounts more frequently because of Elon Musk taking over Twitter.

Conducted by OnePoll on Tuesday, April 27, the survey also found that nearly three in four respondents (71%) have frequented Twitter in the past three months — more than the newest social media platform on the block, TikTok (58%). However, Twitter still tied with longtime social juggernaut Facebook (71%).

Within that group, 78 percent access the platform at least once a day, and 57 percent do so multiple times a day – predominantly for updates about news and current events.

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