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Twitter soars

Despite what the naysayers have been warning, it appears that since Elon Musk took over Twitter and pledged to reintroduce ‘free speech’ to the platform things have been booming, Business Insider reports.

Reports suggest that Twitter’s daily usage has reached all-time highs and that is after, the Social Media giant recently purged thousands of bot accounts.

Business Insider provides more details:

Since the take-private deal closed, Twitter’s so-called monetisable daily user (mDAU) growth accelerated to more than 20 per cent, according to an internal document that was shared with Twitter’s sales team to use in conversations with advertisers, The Verge reported. […]

According to the FAQ, Twitter added more than 15 million mDAUs, “crossing the quarter billion mark” since the end of the second quarter, when it stopped reporting financials as a public company. If the company is following similar metrics for calculating these numbers like earlier, that would mean there has been no exodus of users, as feared by many.

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