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Hot mic has everyone wondering who ‘they’ are?

At a recent new conference in Ontario, Canada, Dr Barbara Yaffe told the people getting vaccinated in that province for COVID will still need to wear facemasks, because it is uncertain if the vaccine would protect people from the virus.

For the record, Dr. Barbara Yaffe is the Director of Communicable Disease Control & Associate Medical Officer of Health for Toronto Public Health.

But then it takes a weird turn as a hot mic caught the interaction between Dr. Yaffe and Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s chief Medical officer, before the new conference started. Not knowing the mic was live, Yaffe turned to Dr. Williams and wondered why she brings her own notes to the news conferences, stating “I just say whatever ‘they’ write down for me.'” Williams replied that he also said what ‘they’ told him to say, replying “Yeah, the same.”

So, if Ontario’s top medical professionals are simply regurgitating what ‘they’ want them to say, then who is really running the show in Ontario? Here are some of the Twitter responses:

And speaking of hot mics, the same thing happened in the US when a hot mic caught an exchange between Pennsylvania Gov Don Wolf and Pennsylvania House Representative Wendy Ullman. Coincidentally, it also involved face masks:

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  1. This is an excellent question to pose, and Milton William “Bill” Cooper asked – and answered this fully – in his MYSTERY BABYLON series which aired in 1993-1994, and ‘the they’ murdered him.

    In this article called CLINICAL ANALYSIS OF DRUGS USED IN THE DoD- MANDATED COVID-19 INTUBATED VENTILATOR CONTINUOUS IV DRIP, I examined the nine drugs used when people were put under sedation for the Covid ventilators. The link is and here is the text and link to who “the they” is:


    This they controls all world narratives, rewriting histories to hide the evidence and the return of Our Redeemer as God in the Singularity Event they are using all the alchemy they can to hide!

    Jesus Christ told us who rules this world, and Paul in Ephesians 6 definitely spells it out! “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places.”


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